The interim rebel against precariousness

21.6% of public employees are temporary. Many of them spend five years to consolidate a fixed place. They demand more oppositions and the comparison with the rest of officials in a great march that is celebrated today in Madrid

The interim rebels, once again, against the situation of temporality that they have suffered for decades, which has even led them to retire without reaching the longed for fixed place. The Temporary and Interim Platform (PI) is manifested today in Madrid against the abuse of temporary employment in the sector, with more than 800,000 temporary public employees. From the Plaza de Cibeles to Sol, the interim demand a greater call for public employment as well as temporary measures that equate them to fixed public employees. The decision of the Supreme to endorse the Public Employment Offer (OPE) for 2019 and dismiss the request of the National Association of Interim and Labor, which requested precautionary measures, has further warmed the environment of a group that is considered discriminated against and a species of “outcast” caste within the almost 2.6 million civil servants in Spain among the different administrations. According to the statistical data of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function, 21.6% of all civil servants are interim or temporary staff. Although the increase of 17,187 public employees registered last July, the latest figure available to the Government, is a first step in the regularization of the situation of the interim, they consider it to be laughable in the face of the 800,000 temporary jobs in the administrations.

By sectors, the public sector of the State has 513,954 public employees, 6,124 more. Of these 231,760 belong to the General State Administration, personnel of the ministries and their agencies, 257,816 to the State security forces and bodies and 24,378 to the Administration of Justice. A total of 1,499,304 officials are from the public sector in the autonomous communities and 538,317 from the public sector of the local administration. Of the total public employees, 57.76% serve in the public sector of the autonomous communities, 19.8% in the public sector of the State and 22.43% in the public sector of local entities, according to Europa Press 56% are functional career personnel, 22.4% are work personnel and the rest of the personnel (interim, temporary and other personnel) represent 21.6%. The data also show that 56.25% of the troops in the service of public administrations are women, while 43.75% are men.

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