The intense heat returns this weekend with highs above 40 degrees

After a brief threat of thermal relief, the heat will return this weekend with temperatures of 40 degrees and even 43 degrees in parts of the south and center of the country. The nights will be tropical, above 20 and 22 degrees in many provinces.

A very hot weekend is expected, especially in parts of Andalusia, Extremadura, the Tagus and Ebro valleys and the interior of the peninsula, Ricardo Torrijo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), has advanced to highlight that this Friday already gives a situation of very important orange and yellow warnings.

At this point, Torrijo has specified that despite the fact that in some areas and for several days the forecasts announce maximums above 40 degrees, the emission of a new heat wave has not yet been considered.

“We are on the border of a new episode of value that we are studying, but, at the moment, there is no exceptionality, nor the great duration of last week's heat episode”, clarified the AEMET spokesman.

Given this situation, Meteorology has activated the orange warning (major risk) for this Friday in six communities in the interior, northeast and southwest of the peninsula -Andalusia, Aragon, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and Catalonia- due to temperatures between 37 and 41 degrees.

On the contrary, temperatures will drop "deeply" today in Galicia and the Cantabrian area, where provincial capitals, such as A Coruña, will not exceed a maximum of 21 degrees, Vitoria 22 degrees and Santander will remain in about 23 degrees.

For tonight, it is expected that they will be "tropical nights", when the minimum does not fall below 20 degrees or "torrid nights", the thermometer marks minimum temperatures equal to or above 25 degrees; thus, Madrid, Toledo and Jaén will mark 25 degrees at dawn, 24 degrees in Ciudad Real and Barcelona and 23 degrees in Guadalajara.

For tomorrow, Saturday, the orange warnings continue due to high temperatures in Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura, while in the communities of Castilla y León, the Balearic Islands, Aragón, Madrid, Catalonia and Murcia they maintain a yellow level due to heat between 36 and 38 degrees.

On Sunday the heat will continue to press hard in Andalusia, Catalonia and Aragon with thermometers above 40 degrees and up to 43 degrees, especially in the provinces of Córdoba, Seville, Huelva and Jaén.

In the Canary Islands, and during the weekend, stable weather will continue, with trade winds, generally moderate, and some cloudy intervals in the north of the islands, but without precipitation and high temperatures, around 35 degrees in the islands. Orientals during the weekend

Next week dry and sunny weather is expected in most of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with the exception of Galicia and the Cantabrian area, where it will be cloudy, and with some precipitation, generally weak, accompanied by showers or storms in the Pyrenees and in the south of the Iberian system.

Temperatures will generally tend to drop, especially during the first half of the week, to progressively normalize with values ​​closer to those of the time of year, AEMET has indicated.

In the Canary Islands, the cloudy intervals will continue in the north of the islands, but with no probability of precipitation in general and with maximums that will remain high the first days of the week, to descend from Wednesday, and be already with milder values. .

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