The insurance consortium has already paid more than 3.5 million euros to those affected by the La Palma volcano

In a note, the Consortium indicates that the payments to the victims who had insurance have been made by bank transfer and correspond to seventeen homes and a commercial establishment that have been destroyed by lava.

So far, the CCS has received 510 claims for compensation, which correspond to 382 homes, 92 motor vehicles, 34 businesses and 2 industries. Due to their geographical origin, 334 petitions come from Los Llanos de Aridane; 127 requests from El Paso; 33 from Tazacorte; 7 from Breña Alta; 4 from Santa Cruz de La Palma; and 2 from Fuencaliente.

All applications have been immediately delivered to the team of experts appointed to assess the compensable damages as they have been received and recorded, as signed in the same note from the Consortium. The experts, in turn, are contacting the insured within a period not exceeding 48 hours after the day of submission of their applications.

It was the insurers that, on behalf of the affected insured, have requested compensation in 53% of the cases; insurance mediators (agents or brokers) 34% of the time; and it has been the insured himself directly who has done so in the remaining 11% of the cases.

Property only for insured

The Consortium reminds those affected by the volcanic eruption that damages caused to goods and people who are insured are compensated. Therefore, only in the event that the damages are insured, those affected may request compensation on the free phone number 900 222 665 or on the website (

In the very probable cases that the affected insured cannot access their insurance policies and other documentation necessary to request compensation and for the Consortium to assess the compensable damages, It is recommended that the request be made through the insurer or the insurance mediator, who have the complete data of your insurance in their files.

In addition, the Consortium will process all requests for compensation that it receives, regardless of the delay with which they may be submitted by the affected policyholders. There is no maximum period, in short, for the presentation of the application, quantifying the compensation according to the clauses and insured capital contained in the insurance contract and in the special rules established by the extraordinary risk insurance regulations (Royal Decree 300/2004).

The public entity will attend to the payment of the corresponding compensation in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, whatever the amount of all compensable damages as a result of the volcanic eruption may be. In the case of motor vehicles, homes and communities of homeowners, the CCS will pay the amount corresponding to all the damages compensable in accordance with the insurance contract of the affected party. In the case of businesses, industries and civil works, the CCS will deduct a legal deductible of 7% of the compensable damages, which will be paid by the insured, so that the Consortium will pay € 93 out of every € 100 compensable, whatever it may be. the total amount of damages.


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