October 27, 2020

The (insulting) reason why Red Bull does not want Fernando Alonso in Formula-1

The team ensures that it is not within their plans to have the Spanish pilot for two reasons

Fernando Alonso is thinking of going back to Formula 1, but he knows it won’t be easy. He is already having trouble having a seat in Indianapolis and if his hope is to return to the great circus of car racing, he begins to be clear that it will not be just a matter of talent, that there are other things that count

“As things stand today, Fernando Alonso’s return to F1 with Red Bull is absolutely impossible to imagine,” said Helmut Marko, the team’s adviser.

According to him there are two compelling reasons. One is already known: the bad relationship between Honda and Fernando Alonso that, for now, also prevents him from having a car for Indianapolis and still closing doors: “First of all, there is the relationship between Alonso and Honda, which I think is quite broken”.

But Marko added another, more painful and perhaps more insulting reason: “And on the other hand, our entire Formula 1 system is based on our junior program, which means that our young talents move to the top queen category of motor racing.”

And if his words had not been clear, he insisted: “If we were to get Alonso, he would be the oldest driver on the whole grid. This would be contradicting our entire philosophy. ”

But then he returned to the main theme: “While we use a Honda engine, it’s impossible anyway. ”


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