April 21, 2021

"The insult illegitimizes any speech and conversation"

The actor says he was carried away by an “impulse at all constructive” and that he does a disservice to the true message

The actor Javier Bardem has apologized today for "letting himself be carried away by an impulse at all constructive" by calling Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida "stupid" and the president of the United States, Donald Trump: "The insult illegitimizes any speech and conversation, ”he said.

Bardem has expressed himself in this way on his Twitter account after yesterday during his reading of the manifesto of the Climate March he called Trump, and Almeida, "very personal" stupidly, in his case because "he wants to reverse Central Madrid and allow polluting vehicles to circulate through the capital. "

"The insult illegitimizes any speech and conversation. That is why I apologize for letting myself be carried away by an impulse at all constructive that weak favor does the true message, unique and really important," the actor wrote this Saturday.

Before this apology, the mayor of Madrid also responded to him in this social network and reproached him for his infractions when fulfilling his fiscal obligations: "The typical clever, yes, very progressive, who thinks that paying taxes does not go with he".

On the other hand, Bardem insists in another tweet that “the irrefutable data of all the detailed scientific studies” warn “of the climatic urgency we are in and the need for measures and commitments to reverse its galloping advance by of all countries. "


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