The Insular-Materno Infantil signs a collaboration agreement with BNI Las Palmas and the Rotary Foundation - La Provincia

The director manager of Insular-Maternal and Child University Hospital Complex, Víctor Naranjo; representing the president of the board of trustees of the Humanitarian Foundation of the Spanish Rotarians, Ignacio Millán; and the representative of BNI Las Palmas, Pablo Aguayo, have signed a collaboration agreement for the improvement and remodeling of a space for pediatric patients suffering from serious chronic diseases.

In particular, an area on the fourth floor of the Hospital Universitario Materno Infantil de Canarias, transforming it into a space that makes the stay of hospitalized children more comfortable, during a difficult situation for the whole family.

The drafting of the project has been done, altruistically, by a group of architects from BNI Las Palmas. The project that counts, also with the support of the Rotary Humanitarian Foundation, will be financed through companies and entities that have collaborated in solidarity and altruism.

This initiative follows the line of work pursued by the Hospitalario Universitario Insular-Materno Infantil with the objective of humanizing assistance in the center.

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