May 10, 2021

The Insular Institute increases its budget by four million by 2019 – The Province

The Insular Institute increases its budget by four million by 2019 - The Province

The Council of Sports of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria will allocate 34 million of euros to infrastructure and to the promotion of the practice of physical activity and sport during 2019. This item corresponds to the ones near four millions that are directed to infrastructure improvements sports in different municipalities of the Island demanded by the town councils, linked to the Financially Sustainable Investments, and to more than 30 million of the budget of Insular Institute of Sports for next year's exercise.

The governing board of this body approved a game amounting to more than 30,087,485 euros, that together with the four million of the Financially Sustainable Investments supposes an increase of 4,265,000 euros with respect to the item available in the previous exercise.

In this line, the budgets of this body dependent on the Ministry of Sports increase the supports economic individual athletes, to the municipalities that develop evidence of insular interest and the clubs of higher categories.

In addition, they contemplate a significant increase in support for base sport Through the payment of federative tokens to 30,000 boys and girls of Isla, with a positive discrimination in favor of women, with the intention that the sport practice go away equaling in both sexes. In this case, the amounts amount to 45 euros for the boys Y 50 euros for the girls, which is an important economic injection for the clubs, since in 2015 they hardly received 35 euros for this concept.

The Sports Counselor of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Ángel Víctor TorresHe stressed that "we have increased aid to individual athleteswhose departure reaches 180,000 euros, because we are aware of the great effort what is it for them move to other places to compete. "

"We have also increased, until the 600,000 euros, the supports the municipalities and the collectives that organize tests of insular and international interest. With this we have achieved increase the number of tests and raise the level of them under the European Sports Island umbrella, because when we arrived at the counseling hardly 100,000 euros were destined for this purpose, "he adds.

The Insular Institute of Sports improves the games for calls to teams that go to compete both nationally and internationally. It also consolidates in the budget a very important increase for tests that have been positioned as reference In the national and international panorama as the Transgrancanaria, which goes from 70,000 to 90,000 euros, the Night Run wave HPS San Silvestre. The game is also maintained for emblematic projects such as School of Canarian Wrestling or the Life Games.

The Ministry of Sports has also planned to allocate close to four million euros (3,883,212 euros) to subsidize a series of performances in sports infrastructure sued by the town councils of Moya, Agüimes, La Aldea, Valsequillo, Valleseco, Ingenio, Artenara, Teror, Arucas, Mogán and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


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