The Insular Hospital restricts all visits due to the outbreak on the fourth floor

The Insular Hospital restricts all visits due to the outbreak on the fourth floor

The Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria decided yesterday to restrict all visits to the Hospitalization areas, as a preventive measure, in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak that was declared last Saturday in the North wing of the fourth floor, a space dedicated to Nephrology and Palliative Care. So far, 13 patients have been affected and the number of infected health workers already rises to 11.

However, the managing director of the Maternal-Infant Insular University Hospital Complex (Chuimi), Alejandra Torres, reported yesterday the death of two of these patients, so the number of people affected is 22. The victims are two men who are they were afflicted with serious previous pathologies.

It should be noted that one of the deaths occurred last Friday and corresponds to the first patient who manifested symptoms associated with the virus. However, it was not until yesterday when the center had “evidence” that it was one of those affected by this outbreak, having remained open until Tuesday the investigation of the event. The other death occurred during the early hours of this Wednesday.

According to Torres, it was on Thursday when the first patient began to note suspicious symptoms – and not on Saturday, as the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government had assured. That same day, he underwent the Polymerase Chain Reaction –PCR– test and the positive diagnosis was known to specialists overnight, which led the professionals to transfer him to the eighth floor of the Maternal, the first to it was enabled on the Island for this group of patients.


The following day, the affected person died and the study of all his contacts began to be carried out. This action implied that the patients and health workers who came to share space with the deceased were subjected to a PCR. Finally, on Saturday the infections of several people were confirmed and the outbreak was declared, which led to the beginning of the screening of the entire plant – which lasted until Sunday – and closing it to new income.

“Today – yesterday for the reader – we have known the results of the study and we have found that the death that occurred on Friday corresponded to this patient,” stressed the managing director of the Gran Canaria complex.

Regarding the prohibition of visits, Torres assured that the determination goes hand in hand with a “recommendation” from the General Directorate of Public Health to guarantee safety. However, this is not the only preventive measure that the center has wanted to adopt, since to this must be added the decision to extrapolate the screening to other plants on the island.

“We are going to start a screening in all healthcare areas, which will begin to be carried out in the coming days. The ideal would have been to do it when all the staff had rejoined from their vacations, but taking into account what has happened, we will start it as soon as possible. Later, we will carry out tests on those who return from their vacation period ”, Torres guaranteed.

At the hospital, all the disinfection and cleaning tasks have been completed. For their part, the plant’s patients “remain isolated.” Likewise, regarding the possible repercussions that the event may be causing in the development of hospital activity, Torres acknowledged that, although the moment is “complicated”, “for now, we have managed to restructure the activity and the healthcare areas to be able to carry out the tasks normally ”.


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