October 27, 2020

The instructor proposes to Competition to give up the match to Fuenlabrada as a precautionary measure – La Provincia

He examining judge of the disciplinary file open to Fuenlabrada for his trip to A Coruña he has proposed to the Competition Committee that, as a precautionary measure, give up the game against him Sports to the Madrid team. In the resolution he issued this afternoon, he argues that “continuing the normal course of the competition immediately, playing the playoffs and closing the final classification are issues that do not admit delay of any kind. “Sanitary reasons impose give certainty to the competition and finish outlining promotions to the First Division “, he points out in reference to the outbreaks due to coronavirus at present in Spain. If Competition approves the precautionary measure, Deportivo would win the match by three goals to nil – which alone would not be enough for Blue and Whites’ salvation – and would allow Elche to play the promotion play-off.

The disciplinary procedure instructor points out in his resolution that, from the investigation carried out so far, it is appreciated that the conduct of the Fuenlabrada “produced a serious alteration of good sports order, affecting the integrity and equality of the participants in the competition “.Indicates that the inquiries” allow inferring the alleged commission of very serious infractions against good sports order and risks for the participants in the competition (footballers, coaches, arbitrators …), carrying sanctions such as the one that provisionally fits the present assumption “.

“If, within the framework of this procedure,” explains the instructor, “and given the flagrante and seriousness of the offense committed, CF Fuenlabrada, SAD were to be held liable and it was translated into sport, it could decisively affect the final classificationTherefore, the non-adoption of this measure could cause damages of impossible reparation to clubs such as Elche CF, SAD, who could not have played the playoff despite the fact that the final resolution of the procedure would have allowed it.

Allowing the game to be played now with Deportivo, according to the Competition examining judge, would give Fuenlabrada “the advantage of know the results obtained by your rivals in the fight to gain access to the promotion playoff and to face an opponent who would have known he was relegated and who has been without training for days, or with a low performance, “referring to the Blue and Whites.

In his order, the investigating judge of the file states that the Fuenlabrada knew the first case of coronavirus in its staff on Saturday, July 18, two days before the game, and that at that time it should have communicated it to the health authorities and the commission of follow up for the Covid-19 of Federation and Liga, to “adopt the most appropriate decision and according to the integrity of the competition.” “However, not only was it not communicated sufficiently in advance, but the information transferred was partial, so that said Commission was deprived of fundamental data to make its decision.”

The Fuenlabrada trip to A Coruña, without the four positive for coronavirus, “put the squad and the match officials at risk, they ate at the same hotel and had not been informed, nor the Technical Referees Committee, of anything that had been happening. “The referees, according to the instructor, learned of these positives and the eight detected with the team already in A Coruña “through a means of communication” already at the Riazor stadium.

“From all this, without a doubt, it is inferred a manifest concealment of the true situation by those responsible for the club. Regardless of the sanitary repercussions that this may have, and the sanctions of the administrative or criminal order that may correspond, it is what It is true that all of this implies an affectation of good sports order, as it has irretrievably affected the competition and its integrity. Hiding the seriousness of the situation determined not to be able to adopt a correct decision with knowledge of all the precise details, the diligence or not adopted by the club in avoiding the situation and its responsibility or not in having the necessary troops to participate in the match against RC Deportivo de la Coruña , SAD “, indicates in the providence.


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