June 14, 2021

The institutions appeal the withdrawal of goods from Meirás and the Francos send the moving company

Civil guards, last November, at the gates of the pazo de Meirás.

Civil guards, last November, at the gates of the Meirás pazo.

The Condition and the co-claimant administrations, Xunta, Deputation and Town Halls of Sada already Coruña, they appealed yesterday the diligence that gives a month of term to the grandchildren of the dictator Francisco Franco to remove all the assets of the pazo of You will piss. The appeal entered the courts around the same time that a person in charge of the moving company hired by the Martínez Bordiu brothers tried unsuccessfully to cross the walls of what was Franco’s official summer residence.

As this newspaper reported, the lawyers of the Frank They notified the court on May 4 of the name of the company that will carry out the move. The legal representative of the descendants of the dictator, Luis Felipe Utrera-Molina, yesterday presented a new letter in court to denounce that workers of the security company hired by the State, Prosegur, after consulting their superiors, had prevented the passage of an employee of the moving company, who intended to inspect the property to calculate transportation logistics. The lawyer Utrera-Molina argues that the period of one month to remove the objects and belongings of a month began yesterday: “The period continues to run without my representatives having been able to start the removal work for reasons only attributable to the plaintiff [el Estado]”, Affirms the lawyer in his writing, in which he appeals to the“ evident economic damage ”that derives from having to pay the company, displaced from Madrid, without being able to start the work. This newspaper yesterday consulted the Ministry of the Presidency about this incident without getting a response.

The diligence of the court on April 28 that authorized the Francs to take the movable property gave five business days to appeal. Coinciding with the end of the term, Condition, Xunta, Deputation and the councils of Sada Y A coruña presented their appeals. The government reported via a statement that it had alleged, among other things, against the “Helplessness” caused by the impossibility of formulating allegations against the request of the Francs to withdraw all the assets or to pronounce on “the specific conditions in which it should be carried out.” The Executive details that in its appeal, which refused to provide this medium, it also requests authorization to conclude the inventory of assets, that the necessary precautions be adopted to guarantee security in the event of the transfer and that measures be taken so that it is recorded that the State Administration “has faithfully complied with its status as depositary.” The government delegate, Jose Miñones, explained yesterday that this resource is only “a first step”, although the Executive avoids confirming whether the Lawyers were going to file a lawsuit to claim the content of You will piss.

The Xunta tNeither did it facilitate the recourse to this medium and issued a brief statement in which it reported that it had appealed the judicial proceeding that gives a one-month term to the Frank understanding that “it undermines the public powers of protection of the cultural heritage of Galicia by not explicitly specifying that the removal of assets of cultural interest [en alusión a las estatuas del Mestre Mateo y la biblioteca de Pardo Bazán] it requires the mandatory administrative authorization of the Xunta ”.

The Council of Sada presented two briefs yesterday in court, an appeal for reconsideration against the diligence of removal of the assets and an execution incident for the court to expressly rule on the withdrawal of certain elements that, in the opinion of the City Council, are publicly owned. The municipal lawyer alleges that the executive title (the judgment of the court of first instance ordering the return of the manor) protects the consideration of public domain of the goods that were part of the manor at the time of its sale in 1938 as of those that were installed by the Condition and that they were involved in the public service of the residence of the Head of State until 1975.

Alleges Sada that the fact that the ruling did not expressly resolve on the property does not prevent the court, in executing the judgment, from preventing the removal of those that “form an inseparable part of the property. The City Council considers that the presentation by the State of an appeal against the ordinance procedure is “necessary but not sufficient”. “The State, as a plaintiff, must immediately take other legal actions.” Mayor, Benito PortelaRemember that the Franco have already hired a transport company and urge judicial and administrative measures to Xunta and the State to prevent the emptying of Meirás. Among other actions, it demands the urgent modification of the decree by which the pazo was declared BIC to incorporate an annex with the assets associated with this historic site, a procedure that the Galician Parliament has unanimously urged.

The Council of A Coruña and the Deputation They also appealed the judicial proceeding, although they did not report yesterday the content of their allegation.


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