The institutional act of the Pandorga 2022 affects the objective of achieving its declaration of Festival of National Tourist Interest

The Plaza Mayor of Ciudad Real has hosted the institutional act of La Pandorga. The event, chaired by the mayor of Ciudad Real and the Municipal Corporation in plenary session, was attended by representatives of the regional government, national, regional and provincial deputies, mayors of various towns in Spain, members of the Provincial Council, the Brotherhood of Pandorgos, the Association of Ladies and Dulcineas, and a large audience that packed the Plaza Mayor, which was decorated for the occasion.

The mayor began by saying that “it is a festival that has its origin in the humility of those people from La Mancha who, grateful to the Patron Saint, Our Lady of the Prado, offered the fruit of their work and effort in the field after their harvest. Traditional festivals represent the best of ourselves, of our customs and traditions, what we learned and remember from our childhood, a tradition that we conquer every year because it reminds us of history, culture, through popular celebration and devotion from the faith rooted in this very noble and very loyal city.”

Masías added that “tradition, memory, culture and devotion are mixed in La Pandorga in a unique way, in that return to the roots that make us unique, and where no one feels like an outsider in this city, where we work for diversity, plurality for everything that enriches us and makes us grow. Keeping in mind, in this festival, the offering, the prayer, the dance, the folklore, the music, the La Mancha root and of course, the generosity that is made lemon and torraos.

The declaration of Festival of National Tourist Interest is sought

A tradition that aspires to be, as requested by the mayor, to be proclaimed a Festival of National Tourist Interest "the commitment to tradition and the festival from responsibility is an objective set by this government team, because the Pandorga, Fiesta Declared of regional tourist interest, it also has the interest of being an economic engine that dynamizes our city in its social and cultural sphere. I take advantage of the occasion to convey to the Spokesperson of the regional government, Blanca Fernández, and to all those present the concern to obtain the desired Declaration of National Tourist Interest, knowing the importance of this recognition for the city and the positive repercussion in all sectors and above all in the field of tourism”.

The mayor also had some special words for Pandorgo 2022, Carlos Lillo, “it will be a very special year that will leave you with unforgettable moments and memories to keep and share with your family. I wish you the best and a beautiful year ahead, you know that you can always count on your mayor, because apart from that we are united by the friendship of many years and because today I will tell you words that you will understand and you will know what they mean and that I wish you this year. Ultreia et Suseia (Let's go higher)”. An act in which the Pandorgo 1997, Rafael Arcos, has been remembered.

The Mayor defined Dulcinea 2022, María del Hierro, as a “citizen woman, hardworking, simple, who reconciles her daily activity with generosity as a volunteer in our city. She will undoubtedly be a new guarantor of our culture, our tradition and our custom, I know of her concern to work for Ciudad Real society, proud of her origin and that makes her worthy of this appointment”. She has also had words for the Pandorgo 2021, Benito Puebla, and for the Dulcinea 2021, Gema María García del Castillo, for her dedication and commitment throughout the year.

The mayor ended by saying that "today is July 31 and tradition is extolled, to enjoy this party that belongs to everyone, a town party that makes us equal, that calls us to participate in its joy, a party for children, young, old, for all tastes, a multicultural party where we all have a place, where respect and joy are the premises in this city that recognizes its past, lives its present and looks to a promising future”.

Hogaño's Pandorgo "has committed to representing Ciudad Real in the best possible way", has thanked his musical group that will present his candidacy, and has encouraged everyone to enjoy the biggest party in the capital, "the Pandorga is yours, ours, from Ciudad Real, live it, I am only its representative”.

The act closed with the interpretation of the Friends of Javier Segovia of the anthem of La Pandorga and the beginning of the tour of the different folk groups and associations towards the Virgen del Prado to make the traditional delivery of fruits and vegetables from the field.

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