May 31, 2020

The Institute of virology observes a slowdown in infections in Germany

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for Virology, the competent center for epidemiology in Germany, said today, albeit with some reservations, that it sees a slowdown in the exponential growth of coronavirus cases in the country.

At a press conference with the RKI, its president, Lothar Wieler, pointed out that it is too early to confirm that the restrictive measures adopted by the German government a week ago are taking effect, but assured that the trend observed is that of ” a slight flattening in the exponential growth curve. “

He communicated his optimism that these measures are helping to flatten the contagion curve, but said he was not yet able to ensure this trend 100 percent.

According to RKI data updated until after midnight, the number of infections in Germany amounts to 22,672, which is 4,062 more than the previous day, and the number of deaths is 86.

The incidence at the federal level stands at 27 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, with clear regional differences, something common in any epidemic, says the institute.

However, he stressed that a correction of figures is likely to occur, since not all regional health authorities reported new confirmed cases over the weekend.

Meanwhile, John Hopkins University in the United States, with a more dynamic update based on data from various sources, today raised the number of infections in Germany to 24,873 and the death toll to 94.

Wieler insisted that cases of death by coronavirus are considered to be those in which the patients tested positive.

From the RKI it is considered good news that 2,809 of those infected with coronavirus in Germany have already been cured, although it is required that a “conservative” estimate and that the figure is probably even higher, since it is only the reported cases of discharge .

The importance of performing tests in a strategic way is also emphasized, first of all among those who present symptoms, in those who have been in contact with confirmed cases and among health personnel.

The RKI states that Germany has sufficient resources to carry out tests and that having carried out so many tests allowed the epidemic to be detected at a very early stage.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel – who has been in quarantine since yesterday for being close to a doctor who said positive – and the leaders of the federal states agreed on Sunday to restrict contacts and ban meetings of more than two people to treat of containing the coronavirus extension.

There was no agreement for the extension of population confinement on a national scale, a system that is already implemented in Bavaria, but which is opposed by other federal states.


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