The inspectors of Education demand to the Government that eliminates the "black holes" of the educative system

The inspectors of Education demand to the Government that eliminates the "black holes" of the educative system

Education inspectors have encouraged political groups to work to eliminate the "black holes" of the education system in the face of "defocused teacher training, lack of independence of the inspection, management of pseudo-professional centers, lack of coordination in the transit between educational stages , school drop-out, sonrojantes differences between autonomous communities, as well as specific problems in the teaching of languages, vocational training, adult education, and first cycle of Early Childhood Education ".

They consider that it is necessary to reach an educational agreement for the instability that, from their point of view, is generating the fact that we have had seven different educational laws since 1980 for the "continuous partisan struggle" and criticize, among other things, the "lack of equity of the system" between Autonomous Communities. Thus, they state that, in Spain, the average educational expenditure per student in public schools is 5,169 euros, but while the Basque Country invests an average of 8,976 euros per student, Andalusia spends practically half: 4,974 euros.

The Trade Union of Education Inspectors (USIE) has denounced that "on many occasions,to inspection is instrumentalized by the political powers limiting their technical independence and their professional autonomy. If the organs of control become politicized, they lose their meaning and can not be guarantors of compliance with the laws and the rights and duties of citizens, "said union president Jesús Marrodán.

Matters like these will be discussed in the XIX Meeting of Education Inspectors organized by USIE, which will be held on October 24, 25 and 26, at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Salamanca (USAL), which this year commemorates the 800th anniversary of its foundation. The XIX Meeting will be attended by more than 300 education inspectors from all over Spain who will focus on the effective learning of citizens and the proper functioning of the educational system which, from their point of view, "works without direction, by pure inertia, and without to give solution to their vital needs ". The meeting will discuss the 14 key points agreed by the Parliamentary Subcommittee that worked on the education pact, and in which USIE participated, representing the inspection.

The inspectors demand greater autonomy for the teaching centers, more attention and specific resources to certain groups of students to avoid exclusion and school failure, measures to improve coexistence with training programs and agile legal instruments, a general evaluation of the education system periodic and continuous not limited to the academic results of the students, as well as the Teaching Statute that allows an authentic professional career, among other things. They also demand that the President of the Government fulfill his commitment to shield 5% of GDP from the budget earmarked for education.


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