Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

The inspector moves towards pedagogical advice – The Province

The inspector moves towards pedagogical advice - The Province

"It is of main importance to direct ourselves, increasingly, to a new model of inspection, close to the reality of the educational centers and focused on the accompaniment and pedagogical advice to the teaching staff". In these terms the Deputy Minister of Education and Universities of the Government of the Canary Islands, David Pérez-Dionis, during the days 'The Work Plan of the Inspection of Education, analysis for the improvement of the educational system ', a meeting that allowed inspectors from all over the Archipelago to exchange impressions, analyze the work plan and inspection procedures in order to formulate proposals that bring their work closer to the needs of the educational community.

"We must go towards a model in which predominates, in addition, the detection of good teaching practices, and the approach to educational innovation, where inspectors and inspectors can play a very important role, "said Pérez-Dionis during the course of the conference.

The meeting, in which the usual model of talks and lectures was replaced by a more dynamic and participatory working group scheme, addressed different topics related to the functions of the inspection, such as the evaluation of directors, participation in the evaluation of the educational system, school performance or the evaluation of professors in practice, predominating a focus on improving the work strategies of the inspection towards the supervision of good practices and classroom orientation work.

In addition, questions of internal organization were analyzed, such as the training of inspectors, the bureaucratic burden of educational inspection, European projects, innovation and ICT in the Inspection and the self-evaluation of the inspection.

Pérez-Dionis stressed the importance of the day "as a meeting place and reflection of the entire educational inspection service on the Work Plan" and noted the value of promoting "spaces to share experiences and proposals for improvement, from the professionals themselves of the area".

Already in the month of May, the Deputy Minister of Education and Universities of the Canary Islands Government, David Pérez-Dionis, highlighted the commitment of the regional government for the modernization of the educational inspection for which "training plays a fundamental role, so that the Inspection Training Plan will be key. " He did it in the framework of the XXVII Conference of the Educational Inspection of the Canary Islands.

Perez-Dionis said then that this year the model of educational supervision has been renewed and they have placed in the hands of the Inspectorate the supervision of good teaching practices, with the double objective of recognizing that the inspector or the inspector is the qualified personnel for this committed and, on the other hand, facilitate the approach of the inspection to the latest trends in methodology and innovation, "which should also be reflected in the Training Plan".


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