August 3, 2021

The inspections find 7,000 irregular contracts in the Canary Islands in 2018 – La Provincia

The inspections find 7,000 irregular contracts in the Canary Islands in 2018 - La Provincia

TheInspection of Work and Social Securityhas allowed between January and September of this year the transformation of7,000 irregular contracts in the Canary Islands, of which 6,000 were temporary contracts that have become indefinite and another 1,000 with part-time days inferior to those performed by workers.

To these 7,000 must be added the3,000 jobs created by people who did their work without a contract. A total of 10,000 workers who improved their working conditions thanks to this work of the Government of the Canary Islands.

These data have been made known in the presentation of the extraordinary plan of the Labor Inspection, which counted with the Minister of Employment, Social Policies and Housing of the Government of the Canary Islands, Cristina Valido, and the territorial director of the Labor and Safety Inspection Social, Francisco Guindín.

The counselor presented to the union and business representatives this extraordinary plan that provides for the inspection of at least 1,280 companies to monitor contract fraud. This reinforcing action will be added to the ordinary activity of the Inspection, which until the month of September has improved the employment situation of more than 10,000 workers who had fraudulent contracts or lacked them.

The extraordinary campaign will have a reinforcement of32 new inspectorsdestined in the islands and will be carried out in two phases, one that will start on October 15 and the other in November 2018, with a duration of three weeks each. Valido wanted to recall the effectiveness of these extraordinary campaigns that reinforce ordinary planning and that investigate previously selected companies. He also stressed that this extraordinary plan, as recognized by the State, served as the basis for the preparation of the recently presented master plan for Decent Work 2018-2020.

"We want to create, generate and maintain quality work and of coursestop the abuse"verified Valido, who said that this plan" is justified more than ever in a time of employment growth. "" We add these 32 inspectors to the 90 that we already have in staff in defense of workers who suffer abuse, companies that fail and perform unfair competition, "he added.

Irregularities in 63% of companies

The territorial director of the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate,Francisco Guindín, reported that of the more than 80,000 letters sent by the State to companies randomly through the master plan for Decent Work throughout Spain, in the Canary Islands have been sent 3,300 of which 63% of companies recognized that they committed irregularities and modified the contracts. "We must value these data based on a very good selection of companies because the databases show companies with indications that they commit irregularities," said Guindín.

Both leaders recalled the results of the extraordinary campaign last year, which improved the employment situation of 2,719 people who had irregular contracts or were not registered in the Social Security. This action, which was concentrated in two months, reinforced the ordinary activity of the Inspection and increased its results by 24.75% in terms of temporality and 26.88% in terms of increase of the day in part-time contracts .

The extraordinary plan is part of the agreement signed between the Government of the Canary Islands and theMinistry of Labor, Migration and Social Securityon July 26 and that expressly articulates the reinforcement of troops that will be displaced from other communities for two months.

The plan states as objectives to verify the situation of registration in the Social Security of the workers of the companies that are visited; check compliance with the agreed work days; converting false part-time jobs into full-time contracts, with the consequent recognition of overtime work and evaluating the conversion of temporary contracts that must become fixed.


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