The Inspection of Work in Valencia says that 200 distributors of Glovo are false self-employed | Economy

The Inspection of Work in Valencia says that 200 distributors of Glovo are false self-employed | Economy

New assault in combat to define the labor nature of the distributors of the new food distribution companies at home. The Work inspection in Valencia has concluded that around 200 distributors from Glovo In the city, they are not autonomous, as the Spanish company claims, but unrecognized employees, as denounced by Comisiones Obreras, which has announced the resolution on Wednesday.

The Labor Inspectorate had already adopted similar decisions in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona regarding the delivery drivers from Deliveroo, known as riders, and that they usually bike to distribute the orders. The agency under the Ministry of Employment now extends the conclusions to those of Glovo, considering that they "concur in the budgets constituting the contract of employment, dependence and alienation."

As a result of this, the Inspectorate has issued minutes for the settlement of quotas and communicated ex officio the registration of the Glovo distributors in Valencia in the General Social Security Scheme "in the company account code of Glovoapp23 for the months of service provision ". A judicial remedy is available against the resolution.

Contradictory answers in the courts

The courts have so far given contradictory answers to the labor model of these new delivery companies, based on the use of an application for mobile devices. A court in Valencia concluded in June that a Deliveroo delivery boy, Víctor Sánchez, was a false self-employed person, in a ruling that became final after the company withdrew its appeal. In September, on the other hand, a court in Madrid decided in the first instance that a distributor of Glovo he was not a false self-employed, as claimed by the worker, Isaac Cuende, but a self-employed worker.

The first collective trial on the figure, which affects 517 riders of Deliveroo and in which the Treasury of Social Security appears as one of the plaintiffs, was suspended last week until May by a court of Social Madrid after the company requested new evidence.

Unsustainable, according to the unions

"This platform economy model is unsustainable because it does not respect the most basic labor rights," said Daniel Patiño, Secretary of Trade Union Action of CC OO-PV. The plant filed a complaint that led to a labor inspection carried out in March at the Glovo headquarters in Valencia. The public body requested the list of all the distributors of the company, to whom the Inspection requested that they fill out a questionnaire about the conditions in which they carried out their work.

This newspaper has asked Glovo his opinion on the resolution of the Labor Inspection in Valencia, but for the moment he has not received a response. The CEO of the Barcelona-based company, Óscar Pierre, said in November that if justice finally determines that its delivery drivers are false self-employed, it would be "a good job". And that in this context the company would choose to "grow in other countries so that Spain represents a smaller percentage of our business".


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