April 15, 2021

The insects disappear and many of them are in danger of extinction

The insects disappear and many of them are in danger of extinction

The study Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers alert of a dangerous situation carried out by the insects of the planet. According to the essay, around a 40% of insect species are in danger of extinction and about 41% of all invertebrates have disappeared in the last decade. The species most threatened with Tripchoptera (with a reduction of 68% of the total in the last decade), the butterflies (59% less in the last ten years) and the beetles (if applicable, 49% have been reduced in the same period). The bees, which have suffered a death of 46% of the total, are a fundamental part of the food chain, because they are responsible for pollinating the plants that will later eat the animals.

The study reveals a painful reality: if the general tonic continues, the insects could disappear in, more or less, a century. This would have an irreparable impact on the human being. The rate of decline is frightening: the project reveals that this small group suffers an annual decrease in 2.5% per year and that is suffering a loss 8 times more pronounced than birds, mammals and reptiles, as reported Eldiario.es.

The essay also throws a series of conclusions about why this phenomenon occurs: urbanization and loss of habitat due to intensive agriculture is the main reason for its disappearance. Current pesticides are very aggressive with insects and even it has not been possible to find a more sustainable product. The other factors, in order of importance, are pollution, species introduced into ecosystems that are not theirs, and climate change. The latter is especially noticeable in cooler climates and somewhat more temperate mountain areas.


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