Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The 'influencer' Oto Vans sets course for 'Survivors 2019'

El ‘influencer’ Oto Vans pone rumbo a ‘Supervivientes 2019’

The hypotheses about Name (s of the contestants that will be launched by helicopter in a few weeks to take part in
Survivors 2019
They are wide and very varied. The last one, in addition, can surprise a large part of the followers of the format since it is a influencer very known in Spain. He is Oto Vans.

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The well-known make-up artist would be more than confirmed as a survivor, as he advances Jaleos. In fact, this one I would have passed all the necessary medical checkups and checks to be able to travel to Honduras and undertake this adventure that will determine which celebrity has greater physical and mental strength to achieve the longed for briefcase.

Cache unveiled

This young man of Croatian and Spanish nationality would travel to the reality show with a weekly cache that would be around 2,000 and 3,000 euros, according to the aforementioned means. However, in order to be able to bill it, you will first have to join the format in an official way. That same Thursday Telecinco will announce the first name during the gala GH Duo. Will it be yours?

The truth is that the idea is not crazy because this young man is very close to the Mediaset universe. This lover of make up, trap and chocolate - so defined - has a channel on Mtmad, the Mediaset digital platform where different well-known faces of the Internet develop their particular stories.

How did fame reach him?

At this point the question that needs to be asked is how did it become known in the internet world. His story starts in 2015, when Snapchat boom catapulted him to fame in this social network from videos in which he mixed makeup with his daily life. Not only that. Shortly after a video on YouTube made him viral and since then it has not stopped growing.

There has been where his makeup tips take the great applause of the users, but many others follow him because of his personality. Open and without hairs in the language, that young man does not shut up to what he thinks and it is clear that to go to Survivors 2019 The story will continue. Would you teach your teammates the tricks to be perfect in Honduras?

The question is who are these other participants. The names addressed to date have been many. From 'Colate' Vallejo-Nájera, passing through Arancha de Benito, Chelo García Cortés, Carlos Lozano, Monica Hoyos, Kiko Matamoros and his girlfriend Cristina, Omar Montes, Albert Barranco, Albert Álvarez and Violeta Mangriñán, among others.

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