November 25, 2020

‘The infinite trench’ will represent Spain at the Oscars

The infinite trench by Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi and José Mari Goenaga will represent our country in the next edition of the Oscars, number 93, in the category of Best International Film. This was announced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain this Tuesday.

'The infinite trench', a magnificent portrait of a suffocating postwar period

‘The infinite trench’, a magnificent portrait of a suffocating postwar period

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The actress Susi Sánchez has read the selected one, accompanied by the notary Federico Gayaralde Niño.

Last year Pain and glory, by Pedro Almodóvar, While the war lasts, by Alejandro Amenábar and Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles, by Salvador Simó, were the shortlisted films to represent Spain. Finally, Pain and glory got the nomination for Best International Film, and Antonio Banderas caressed the statuette with the nomination for Best Actor.

Last year the one selected as representative came to break a bitter tradition. Neither Champions, neither Estiu 1993, neither Loreak they got it in previous courses. In fact, it was not even the most watched red carpet in the world since 2004, edition in the Sea Inside won the award for Best Foreign Language Film.

The infinite trench, by Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi and José Mari Goenaga

The infinite trench tells the story of a young couple, married a few months before the outbreak of the Civil War. Higinio and Rosa live in a small Andalusian town that turns into a great hell when the man is arrested for having been a Republican councilor.

After getting away from his captors, Higinio returns home and hides in a small hole dug under some oil jars in the kitchen. What begins as a temporary hiding place ends up being a den in which he will live for 30 years.

Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi and José Mari Goenaga address The infinite trench with complete narrative rigor: as a portrait of intimacy in which, however, the great sociopolitical conflicts of postwar Spain are settled. In the meats and experiences of Higinio and Rosa, the viewer experiences a dictatorship that is never seen -because we never leave the walls of their home-, but it is equally oppressive.

The movie can be seen on Netflix.


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