Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

'The indoctrination on TV3 is shameful'

He director from TV3, Vicent Sanchís, has been interviewed live this afternoon on the show
Everything is a lie
of Four, which presents Risto Mejide, where he has defended himself against accusations that Catalan public television manipulate indoctrine and it is only in the interest of the independence cause.

The first question has been direct since Risto has told him if TV3 was just a television for independentistas, to which Sanchís has assured that “We make a public television for everyone”, to then ensure that the question "could offend" if it were raised from specific political "sectors" where it is also accused of manipulation as "other televisions of the rest of the State or the same TVE".

Risto clarified that the questions "never offend" but what they offend "are the answers" and then admitted that he, as Catalan “I have not felt represented by TV3”. Sanchís responded with a counterattack: "Do you think televisions are meant to be represented or to be honest?"

Risto did not hesitate to answer that “in the case of public television, which we all pay, it should represent us all”. Sanchís has clarified that while this point is true, even private chains have a point where they must respond to public interests because “You also depend on public licenses”.

Risto Mejide interviews TV3 director Vicent Sanchís

Risto Mejide interviews TV3 director Vicent Sanchís

“We have responsibilities, such as doing honest work”, Sanchís has sentenced without answering the question about whether TV3 represents all Catalans. "It seems to me all this of an incredible lack of political responsibility, because in the Catalan public television the established filters are followed, because here there is an Audiovisual Consell that does not exist elsewhere," Sanchís defended.

"How is it possible that these controlled, filtered, audited media are blamed … maximum responsibility?", the director of TV3 has continued saying in reference to the accusations of some political formations on the informative treatment of Catalan public television.

“VOX, Citizens or the PP talk about people who do not think like them, who are the majority of the Parliament and the majority of Catalan society … who votes and thinks as they think because they are wrong and it is because someone has abducted or indoctrinated It is to consider that people who do not think like you are idiot or sick … or are very dumb because they eat coconut all day”, Sanchís said in reference to the attacks of conservative formations.

Risto took the opportunity to tell him that “I feel the same about TV3 … that is forgetting half of the Catalans and that there is a political indoctrination that is shameful" Although the publicist remembered that "this not only happens on TV3" but reiterated that "as a citizen, I think it is sad because I have admired TV3 a lot".

Seeing something does not mean matching what you see ”

The director of the Catalan public network insisted that if it were the television of “only half of the Catalans we would not have the audience figures,” to which Risto replied that “that is another debate” and that he should not forget that "Seeing something does not mean matching" with what you are seeing.

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