The "indescribable performance" of Cristina Ramos in Britain's Got Talent The Champions – La Provincia

The canary singer Cristina Ramos Simón Cowel, the rest of the jury and the public that crowded the London Wembley Arena during the special edition of Britain's Got Talent The Champions.

In this way, the island was invited to participate in these special programs with the main stars in the history of Got Talent from around the world.

Cristina Ramos took the stage in a black dress to sing the first chords of 'The show must go on' in lyrical style in a musical arrangement composed by producer Graham Stack for this performance.

Also, in the middle of the interpretation, the singer, surrounded by the dance body, was torn off her dress to continue the song in an epic style dressed in a spectacular outfit that evoked the superheroes of the movie theater.

This performance was praised by the jury. "I think you've broken the stadium crystals," said the actress Amanda Holden who praised her voice appealing to Freddie Mercury; while Simon Cowell said that "to be honest, you have swept the rest of the singers, your performance is indescribable."


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