The independentistas businessmen demand to the State investments of 45,000 million euros in Catalonia

45,000 million. That is the exorbitant investment that the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce –linked to the independence sectors–, which has calculated that Catalonia needs that investment until 2030 to eliminate the deficit of its infrastructure stock. If the Development budget in 2018 - and also of 2019, being extended due to the absence of Budgets - is 7,876 million euros, it means that it would take almost six annual ministry budgets to meet their demands, or what is the same, the equivalent of 19% of the weight of the Catalan community in the Spanish GDP.

According to their claims, this investment should be satisfied, in addition to the State - which would assume most of the investment, greater than 60% -, by the rest of administrations, the Generalitat and the municipalities. At the moment, and today, Barcelona's businessmen demand the National Executive 8,000 million euros for projects in the region that have been pending of execution during the period 2001-2018, although, according to their own estimates, the degree of execution of these infrastructure plans reached a more than reasonable 73.7% on average. And put to take the accounts of the milkmaid, the report says that this deficit of 8,000 million has stopped generating about 20,000 million euros of additional turnover and create 111,500 full-time jobs, which would have generated salary income 3,776 million euros and tax and contribution income of 3,895 million euros.

They denounce that the State investment deficit has cost 111,500 jobs in Catalonia

In these claims they have reused the already discredited «Spain steals us» in the study «Economic impact of the deficit of investment in infrastructure of the State in Catalonia», presented by the Chamber, and which had the presence and blessings of the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, before which they exhibited a whole battery of statistical data, which they summarized in one: the State has invested "only" 107 euros per year on average for each Catalan, compared to 136 on average for the rest of the autonomies, 27% less, always according to the study, which claims to handle data from Promotion.

Torra did not want to miss the moment to reiterate his song and said the report «Puts figures to the impact of the disconnection of the State in relation to Catalonia». But these litanies do not have a real base or at least, Catalonia suffers similar investment deficiencies than other Spanish regions, or even less. In 2018, one of the exercises that the report highlights as critical, four communities concentrated almost half of the Fomento investments, 45.91% of the total and 8,393 million euros: Catalonia, Andalusia, Castilla y León and Galicia, being the Catalan region to which more money corresponded. Specifically, he received the 14.83% of regionalizable investments, the most, with a total of 1,245 million euros, 16.7% more than in 2017. And more than half of these funds were allocated to the railway lines, another of the demands of the report.

In any case, for the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce that does not seem enough. In its accounts, the annual gross investment would be 3,800 million annually, a substantial increase over the 2,576 million gross infrastructure investment that Catalonia received on average in the period 2001-2013, twice the amount it received, for example , an analogous region such as the Valencian Community. Despite this, they estimate the economic impact of the non-execution by the State of a quarter of the investment budgeted in Catalonia at 3.3% of Catalan GDP.


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