The independent journalism of Nicaragua Grand Prize SIP to the Freedom of Press

The independent journalism of Nicaragua Grand Prize SIP to the Freedom of Press

The independent journalism of Nicaragua won today in Salta (Argentina) the Grand Prize of the Inter-American Press Society (SIP) to press freedom.

The jury's decision was made public in a solemn ceremony held at the Provincial Theater of Salta, where the awards for the Journalistic Excellence of the SIP were also delivered in its different modalities and within the framework of its 74th Assembly, which was held in this Argentine city, located 1,700 north of Buenos Aires.

The jury justified this award in the fact that "since April of this year the Nicaraguan press has bravely confronted the pressures, intimidation and harassment without failing in its rigorous denunciation of the violation of human rights and the indiscriminate violence of the regime of Daniel Ortega. "

Miguel Mora, owner of the newspaper "100% Noticias", said, after collecting the award, that "being a journalist in Nicaragua is now a matter of life or death" because "we are violated all human rights for thinking differently and expressing it and we are flame terrorists ".

"God gave us the strength to report the facts as they are," Mora added. "We did not have to do investigative journalism; we only had the courage to show what was happening before our eyes."

The Prize for Journalism in Depth, sponsored by "La República" of Lima, fell to the collective work "The Odebrecht case: corruption and waste in Venezuela", published in the digital magazine "Climax" of Venezuela.

The jury valued its important arguments to clearly illustrate the distinctive features of the Odebrecht scandal in Venezuelan territory, which differentiate it from what happened in other countries.

The award for the Best News Coverage, sponsored by "O Estado", from So Paulo (Brazil), was awarded to another collective work, entitled "Protests in Venezuela", published in "El Estímulo", for its "extraordinary coverage of the 100 days of protests in Venezuela in 2017.

The jury considered that this work "undressed the repression of the regime and exposed its consequences both collectively and individually, with particular stories that show the drama of those who survived the attacks of military and parastatal forces"

The grand prize for Mobile News Coverage "Alejandro Miró Quesada", sponsored by "El Comercio", from Lima (Peru), was awarded to the collective work "Pope Francisco", published in the newspaper "El Tiempo", of Colombia .

The modality of Human Rights and Community Service sponsored by "Panama-America", of the City of Panama; "El Comercio", of Lima, "Organización Publicitaria, SA", of San Pedro Sula (Honduras), and "La Nación", of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was granted to the work "Malvinas Cemetery", of collective authorship and published in "", from Argentina.

The jury considered his "impeccable display of interactive and multimedia platforms at the service of human rights, which also highlights the restoration of the right to identity as a key to history and stressed that" 36 years after the war, this work describes explicit and detailed how was this process of identification. "

The Data Journalism Prize, sponsored by "El Diario de Hoy", from San Salvador (El Salvador) was awarded to the collective work "Vía sobrecosto", published by the Internet portal "Convoca" of Peru.

In this case, the jury appreciated "the depth and extension of the investigation of the Odebrecht case in different countries, with presentation and graphic images, photographs and photos on the progress in judicial proceedings" with the use of an understandable and enjoyable language.

The Environmental Journalism prize "Roberto Eisenmann Jr", sponsored by "La Prensa", of Panama, was obtained by the collective work "Narcotala", published in "El Universal", of Mexico, for a "testimony, with profusion of images and descriptions, about how organized crime has reached the forests of the state of Chihahua to cut century-old trees up to 18 meters high and resell the wood to launder money. "

The University Journalism award "Pedro Joaquín Chamorro", sponsored by "La Prensa" of Managua (Nicaragua), was for the collective work "Grooming", published by "Punto Convergente", of Argentina.

It is really a documentary of the career of Journalistic Communication of the Catholic University of Argentina "that seeks to raise awareness about this type of sexual harassment, in which an adult creates an emotional connection with minors, through the Internet, to abuse from them".

The Infografía prize, sponsored by "Clarín", from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was for the report "Mystery in the sea: the case of the submarine ARA San Juan", collective work published in "", to demonstrate, according to the jury, "that the form is bottom when it comes to inform with technical sustenance".

"Taking advantage of the language that is his own and including documented data with great aesthetic value and social impact – adds the jury – shows in real scale the size of the submarine ARA San Juan disappeared at the end of last year, the dangers that ran and the crew that I made it up. "

The Crónica award was for the work "Las niñeras del barrio 18", signed by Bryan Alexander Avelar Rodríguez and published in the magazine "Factum" of El Salvador.

The Photography award went to the play "Lucha y esperanza, la tuberculosis en Lima", by Omar Lucas, published by "El País" of Spain.

The one of Opinion was "The tango of Caparros and the Mummy of Lenin", published by "The Voice of the Interior", of Cordova (Argentina)

The modality of Internet News Coverage was for another collective work, entitled "Repression in Venezuela", published by NTN24, an acronym for "Nuestra Tele Noticias 24", a Colombian news subscription television channel owned by Grupo RCN SAS.

The SIP, a private non-profit organization dedicated to the defense and promotion of freedom of the press and of expression in the Americas, is made up of editors and directors of more than 1,300 media outlets in the Americas and is based in Miami (USA). ).


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