Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

The independence movement rejects pressures and reaffirms itself in self-determination

El independentismo rechaza presiones y se reafirma en la autodeterminación

The independence -The Government and the political forces that support it (ERC, JxCat and PDECat) - is perfectly aware that the threat of Pedro Sánchez to advance the elections April 14 is a probe balloon to put pressure on the processing of State's general budgets.

A pressure, nevertheless, that all the actors of this block not only disdain, and to which some do not even give credit, but before it they reaffirm in their bet by the dialogue and in the defense of the straight of self-determination as the only way out to face the political crisis of Catalonia.

ERC and PDECat will not withdraw the amendments even though some sectors would like to facilitate the processing

"Our position is clear and known, we have not changed," Elsa Artadi stressed yesterday in this regard, which he recalled, "in case they thought about it in Madrid," that "independentistas do not renounce the right to self-determination." In the press conference after the meeting of the Govern, which was exceptionally held on Monday by the coincidence with the start, today, of the trial of 1-O, the Councilor of Presidència regretted that the Spanish Prime Minister is dedicated to launch balloons probe on the electoral advance instead of betting on the dialogue, pressured not only by the right and the far right, but also from within the PSOE, and urged him to take up the situation at the point where he had remained before the rupture of the deck on Friday. "If Sanchez is interested in the independence parties help to process the budgets, instead of sending balloons probe would have to get in touch with the groups that have voted, and this is not happening," he reproached.

In fact, since last Friday there has been no new communication between the Catalan and Spanish governments. And the Generalitat does not intend to take the first step, because it considers that who has broken the talks is the other party and that, therefore, it is up to her to remake the scenario. "It would be enough with a message from Vice President Carmen Calvo to recompose the situation," said the government sources, aware that their interlocutors in Catalonia -Artadi and Vice President Pere Aragonès- "would be very receptive." "We have never moved from the dialogue table."

Similar arguments between sovereignist parties

The hope that the waters return to their channel, especially because there is only time until tomorrow, which is when the amendments to the totality of the budgets in the Congress are voted, is nevertheless scarce, although the spokesman of the Government maintains that "The dialogue has to continue whether there are budgets or not" and that this will continue to be the commitment of the independence movement. In any case, "the elections depend on Sánchez's electoral expectations, not on whether the budgets are approved or not," Artadi riveted to de-link one concept from another and thereby reject the pressure on the electoral advance.

Very similar arguments were used from ERC to maintain the same speech contrary to the pressure of the leader of the PSOE. "A no to the budgets does not imply a call for elections directly," defended the spokeswoman of ERC, Marta Vilalta, who refused to withdraw the amendment to the totality as long as the conditions set by the independence bloc do not exist to do so, despite that in the ranks of the group in Congress there is someone who would be in favor of facilitating its processing.

And it is exactly the same thing that happens in the PDECat, in whose meeting of the national committee of yesterday the disparity of criteria between those who wanted to allow the procedure and the absolutely contrary ones was evidenced. A reality before which the party's president, David Bonvehí, opted to reaffirm that "the Spanish government already knows the conditions for the withdrawal of the amendment" and to urge, anyway, Sánchez to reach the end of the mandate with the support of the independentistas. "If you choose to address the Catalan conflict, we will guarantee you to exhaust the legislature," he said.

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