November 30, 2020

The independence movement has managed the crisis with fanaticism and hatred

The former French Prime Minister and Barcelona Pel Canvi spokesman, Manuel Valls, has condemned that “in the first part” of the COVID-19 crisis in Catalonia, the independence executive took advantage of “imposing his story” in the face of this situation, “sometimes with fanaticism and hatred. “

In an interview with the Efe Agency, the former French prime minister has regretted that he has passed “from Spain he steals from us, he kills Spain from us” and that, in his opinion, public and private means with a grant from the Generalitat were used to Insufflate this secessionist “propaganda” in the context of a health crisis.

Although he sees the Catalan elections distant due to the emergency of the pandemic, Valls has underlined his “concern” for a Government that continues to live in “continuous fights and contradictions” that “harm good government” and at the same time are capable of becoming agreement for “separatism” and “propaganda”.

The councilman, who with his vote a year ago invested his adversary Ada Colau to avoid a pro-independence mayor in Barcelona, ​​has pointed out that in recent weeks the Generalitat has passed to a “more practical vision” because the authorities have given realizes that “what matters to the citizen is public management”.

However, he said that this is not the time “to simply criticize”, but also to recognize the “difficulties” to manage within the framework of the different administrations in the context of the state of alarm and sole command in a country with decentralized powers to the CCAA.

Asked if he sees independence as equally strong as before this crisis, Valls has indicated that, although it seems that there is a “cover” on the matter, “the blocks of independence and constitutionalism are still in force.”

“I do not believe that any independentista leader can be considered dead, not even the one who is outside of Spain,” he said in an implicit reference to the former fled Carles Puigdemont.

At the same time he pointed out that while still in a state of alarm, citizens find it difficult to project themselves into the political future because they have more relevant urgencies about their own future and that of their family.

In this sense, he said that making predictions is complicated: “From this crisis the best could come, which is the unity of the constitutionalists, or the worst, nationalism, populism, fanaticism,” he pointed out.

For Valls, what happened this week in Badalona -the arrival of the popular García Albiol to the mayor’s office after an agreement between PSC and Guanyem Badalona was frustrated- shows the “inability” of the socialists to understand what happens when trying to reach an agreement with forces independentistas.

“There was talk of a progressive axis. You cannot be leftist and nationalist or try to make a pact with anti-systems,” he stressed.

Regarding his future, and with upcoming Catalan elections, although without a date and for which his electoral brand is already registered, Valls has avoided specifying his intentions.

Of course, he said that he prefers to be “useful” -as when he prevented Barcelona from having a pro-independence mayor- than “candidate” and added that “I cannot be a candidate for all elections”, while acknowledging that he does not ” it represents “a political force with great infrastructure.

“Here also the electoral and representation system gives an importance I think too strong of the political parties,” he said.

And he added: “I’m a councilman in Barcelona, ​​I’m doing well. The other will be seen.”

On the other hand, he has not definitively closed the door to continue participating in political debates in France, although returning to the French political arena is not in his immediate plans because in Barcelona he says “he is happy”.

Within this personal commitment to “utility”, he insisted that “Spain cannot be left to those who want to break it, who are the same who want to break Europe.”

“In Spain, as in France, the political leaders are facing a historic moment.” And that is why we must bet on the alliance “of the three great European political families in Spain: PP, PSOE and Ciudadanos, as it happens in Europe, has defended.


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