Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The income tax returns presented on the first day are up 31%

The income tax returns presented on the first day are up 31%

Taxpayers have submitted until 7:00 pm this Tuesday more than 598,000 statements of the 2018 Income Campaign, which is 31% more than last year, of which 63,000 have been submitted through the new 'app' of the Tax Agency, as reported by the agency's sources.

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This figure represents 10.5% of total declarations.

Of these statements, 63,000 taxpayers have done so through the "one click" mobile application, 39% more, according to sources from the Tax Agency.

In addition, 1,455,000 taxpayers have sailed on Tuesday through the program for the presentation of the declaration on the Internet Renta web, 23% more.

The Tax Agency expects to receive 20.35 million statements in this campaign, which ends on July 1.

Of that total, 14.31 million will be entitled to a refund, 2.4% less, for an amount of 10,468 million euros (+ 4.5%), while 5.16 million will come out with a result to enter, 1% less, amounting to 10,160 million (-2.1%), for the exemption of paternity benefits and the deductions collected in the 2018 Budgets.

Likewise, it estimates that there will be some 875,000 negative and other declarations, representing an increase of 9.9% over the previous year. With these figures, the AEAT calculates that a negative net result of 308 million euros will be registered, as opposed to the positive of 365 million euros from last year.

The Income and Patrimony Campaign of 2018 has begun this Tuesday for the telematic presentation and by telephone, while from May 9 it will be possible to request a prior appointment for face-to-face attendance in offices, which will begin on May 14. The deadline to request direct debits is June 26 and June 28 the deadline to request a prior appointment by any means ends, concluding the campaign on July 1.


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