October 30, 2020

The income campaign starts today to file returns online

The 2019 income and wealth campaign starts this Wednesday with the opening of the term for filing returns online, both through the Renta Web program and through the mobile application of the Tax Agency.

In this campaign, the Agency plans to receive 21 million declarations, of which 14.6 million will be returned for a total of 10,686 million euros, amounts that will begin to be disbursed on June 3.

Another 5.5 million returns will result, for a total of 12,798 million.

The Ministry of Finance has defended that it maintains the campaign calendar despite the confinement by the coronavirus with the aim of expediting returns, since the majority of taxpayers make their statement online.

In this campaign, taxpayers who in 2019 obtained income from work greater than 22,000 euros or 14,000 euros in case they have more than one payer, receive compensatory pensions or whose payer is not obliged to withhold, among other circumstances, will be required to declare.

The plan “We will call you” for the telephone filing of the declaration will begin on May 7 and face-to-face attention in offices on May 13, in both cases by appointment.

The campaign will run until June 30, except for declarations to be paid by direct debit, which will have to be submitted before June 25.


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