The incident in which a father and a son of Sabadell died was intentional | Society

The incident in which a father and his six-year-old son died on a French road near the border with Spain Last Friday, September 14 was intentional. The father, Pere A., The car was deliberately damaged, deliberately and with the intention of ending the life of both, as the French police informed the family.

This is clear from the evidence collected at the scene, a 20-meter ravine on the road between Portbou and Cervera de la Marenda, as reported by The vanguard. The definitive proof, according to 20 Minutes, has been the finding of a note inside a suitcase on the edge of the cliff that precipitated him. Also, in his house in Sabadell (Barcelona) A multitude of photos and memories have been found scattered on the floor of the room, according to Telecinco.

The father spent a few days on vacation with his son and failed to comply with the visitation regime by not delivering it on the date, time and place agreed. The ex-partner of man, Laura U., filed a complaint for the disappearance of the child, Eloi, the same Friday, near three in the afternoon, in a police station of the Mossos d'Esquadra of Sabadell, reports Rebecca Carranco.

The parent had to have given it to his mother, with whom he had joint custody, but he did not. He explained to the policemen that the man did not respond to calls or messages and left the details of the vehicle he used to drive. Nor did he take the child to school on Wednesday, when classes began in Catalonia.

The Mossos d'Esquadra took note of the complaint and introduced the license plate of the car in the Schengen database, which they share with the rest of the European police. They also showed up at the man's house, with an order from the court of instruction 2 of Sabadell, without any trace of him or the minor. The couple divorced by mutual agreement in 2014, but in recent times they had cross-claims, related to the custody of the child.

At six o'clock in the afternoon of that same day, the French police informed the Mossos that they had found the car in the sea, after having been thrown down a ravine, with a minor and an adult deceased inside it. They were in an area close to the winding road between Portbou and Cervera, already in France, not far from the Cape of Cervera. French police reported on Saturday to the Spanish consulate in Perpignan of the finding of the father and the child killed.

The City Council of Sabadell has convened this Tuesday at noon a silent rally to condemn "the murder" of the child and "all acts of sexist violence." In a statement, the consistory reiterates its "absolute rejection of any form of violence, discrimination or intolerance" and announces that the flags will fly at half mast.

With this new case, 28 children killed by sexist violence rise to 28 since 2013. The last known case so far occurred on September 25, when a man of 48 years allegedly killed his two daughters, two and six years of age, at his home in Castell├│n, and then committed suicide by throwing himself through a window. A judge specializing in gender-based violence had denied the protection the mother had requested for her and her daughters months before.


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