October 22, 2020

The incidences of COVID in the educational centers rise to almost 700 since the beginning of the return to school

The incidents that the covid-19 is causing in the return to school have risen to almost 700 in just two weeks of the start of face-to-face classes, while strikes in defense of more security measures such as the this Friday in Andalusia. The first week resulted in more than 120 incidents for this reason. Now, there have been at least 565 closings of classes and 120 of educational centers, as detailed to Efe by the STES Intersindical Confederation.

The first week of class ends with at least 120 incidents of COVID-19 in schools

The first week of class ends with at least 120 incidents of COVID-19 in schools

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However, the problems that the coronavirus is causing in schools and institutes are still a minority compared to the more than 28,500 educational centers that exist in Spain.

Every day more classrooms are being known that have to be confined, either by positive students or teachers, in the different communities, although they are also a minority compared to the more than 8 million students and 720,000 teachers.

This Friday it was reported that in Zamora, the Medalla Milagrosa school has closed two Infant and Primary classrooms after the positives of covid-19 detected among the teachers of those classes, after seven nuns from the residence for nuns attached to the school have also tested positive.

Catalonia has increased the number of school groups confined by 43 in a single day, going from 68 on Thursday to 111 this Friday, while centers with groups in quarantine have increased from 52 to 87.

In the Madrid community, the Minister of Education, Enrique Ossorio, has reported that the infections that are taking place in the centers “do not come from within” and has estimated the number of isolated students at 2,800.

In Euskadi, 172 classrooms are closed today, 80 more than those notified yesterday Thursday, in the 111 centers affected by cases of coronavirus.

In La Rioja there are 57 positive cases in Infant, Primary and Secondary centers, of which all, except two “doubtful”, have been infected outside the centers.

In Mahón (Menorca), a dozen Infant students from the Sa Graduada public school and the tutor are in quarantine for a positive for coronavirus.

It is the second case of contagion that is registered in an educational center in Menorca, after the one detected last week in the Mare de Déu del Toro in Ciutadella, and where 14 students and the first grade tutor were also isolated.

And among the students who after being quarantined at home can return to class are the first groups confined in Navarra (Infant and Primary), who will return on Monday after the second control PCR this Friday.

For its part, Catalonia has announced that the PCR tests on schoolmates who test positive will be carried out in mobile units in educational centers.

If there is a positive in a class, the next day the students must go back to school, where the test will be done because it is more comfortable for families and schools, and thus, in addition, primary care is not saturated, they have explained .

Strikes and protests

This Friday has concluded the third and last day of strike called by the Student Union (SE) at the national level, and which has had an uneven follow-up.

The organizers have indicated that they consider that the follow-up has been “extensive” but that figures could not be given since many students attend class only on alternate days, others only go to some talk and even several institutes are closed.

This student strike has also been affected by the coronavirus, since the protest concentrations called for yesterday Thursday in a score of cities had to be suspended due to the increase in infections.

A rescue plan for the public school, 15 students per class, hiring teachers and other workers in the education sector were the demands of the SE.

Very similar to those that this Friday has led the CCOO, Ustea and CGT unions to call a strike in Andalusia.

The protest day has been seconded by 4.5% of the teachers, a figure that rises to 9.3% in Primary, as reported by the Junta de Andalucía.

And of the 107,269 teachers who work in public schools in Andalusia, 4,788 have seconded the strike, representing 4.5% of the total.

While CCOO has considered the strike a “great success” because, according to its data, it is being followed by 70% of Infant and Primary teachers and 50% of Secondary and Vocational Training.

In Madrid, the UGT has said that it will appeal to the courts the “abusive” minimum services established by the Community for the educational strike on September 22 and 23 in non-university educational centers.

For their part, the Suatea and CCOO unions in Asturias have announced that in October they will call various mobilizations to demand more resources for public schools due to the coronavirus health crisis.


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