The incidence shoots up to 251 cases, the maximum of the pandemic

The number of hospitalizations it continues to increase and the reference centers of the Islands begin to perceive the pressure of the pandemic. In the region, there are 253 people with covid-19 admitted to the plant and another 39 are being treated in the intensive care units (ICU). Specifically, the Maternal-Infant Insular Hospital Complex of Gran Canaria is already preparing to enable the 11th floor of the center to treat people with covid-19, given the increase in infections on the island and because the eighth floor, dedicated to this type of patients it is at 50% occupancy. The director of the hospital, Alejandra Torres, explained that what most worries health workers is the increased hospitalizations registered in the last week.

14.4% of ICU beds in Tenerife hospitals are occupied by patients infected with SARS-CoV-2, as well as 5.53% of plant beds, with which the parameters are at medium risk. These percentages fall in Gran Canaria to 2.67% in the case of intensive care beds and 1.65% in the case of plants, these rates remain at minimal risk, although health workers expect a rebound in hospitalizations due to to the growth of infections on the island.

The 14-day AI of the Archipelago shot up 13.84 points today compared to the previous day. Since June 6, the curve of this indicator has not stopped rising progressively, but in the last two weeks the advance has been faster. In islands such as Fuerteventura (278.1), La Palma (152.2) or Tenerife (365) the incidence has reached its highest point since the coronavirus crisis began. The same thing happens with 7-day AI. The parameter stands at 147.02 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest figure in the 16 months of the pandemic, which had reached its previous record on September 5.

8.6% of the tests carried out by the SCS give a positive result


A total of 66,161 infections have been detected in the Archipelago, of which 6,147 remain epidemiologically active. By islands, Tenerife added 259 cases yesterday with a total of 31,177 accumulated and 4,059 active; Gran Canaria has 24,873 accumulated positives, 191 more than the previous day, and 1,499 active. Lanzarote detected 17 new cases with 5,827 accumulated and 79 active; Fuerteventura has 2,910 accumulated infections with 18 more cases and 350 active ones. La Palma is one of those that is suffering the most from the fifth wave of the pandemic and increased its cases by 16 in the last 24 hours, so its accumulated are 704 and its assets are 126. El Hierro did not detect new infections, with which which remains in the 400 accumulated and 16 assets. For its part, La Gomera diagnosed four new infections, placing its accumulated at 269 and 18 assets.

The Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) has carried out 1,687,057 diagnostic tests in the Islands, of which 6,686 correspond to yesterday. In the last week, 8.6% of tests were positive. A rate that exceeds Tenerife and La Gomera, where one in ten tests confirm a contagion.


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