The incidence rate rises again: it adds more than one point to 43.15 cases

The incidence rises again this Wednesday, with 43.15 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This is a new rise in the curve compared to this Tuesday, when it fell slightly to 41.9 cases. In recent days, the incidence has presented slight differences, with slight rises and falls, although the data of hospitalized patients continue with a downward trend.

The Ministry of Health has notified 2,528 new infections, an increase compared to the previous day, when 1,889 positives were reported. The total count since the coronavirus pandemic began is already 4,993,295 infections.

In addition, 31 deaths have been registered, while 21 deaths were reported on Tuesday. Since the health emergency began, 87,082 people have died from COVID-19.

Pandemic icons move to second row

Health has put an end to the only institutional routine that survived the improvement in infection data. Minister Carolina Darias has canceled the weekly meetings with the health counselors of the autonomous communities. As of Friday 15 they will be spaced, possibly every 15 days. According to Ministry sources, it no longer makes sense to continue convening the Interterritorial Council "automatically" and the minister advocates doing so "when needed" in the future.

The end of this appearance once a week reveals something else: the gradual loss of public presence of the icons of the pandemic. The informative references that dominated the mornings, afternoons and nights in newspapers, radios and televisions go with the good epidemiological situation to the background.


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