The incidence rate continues to grow and Health registers 6,393 infections and 356 deaths

The update of data on the pandemic from the Ministry of Health this Thursday places the accumulated incidence at 14 days at 134.08 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The indicator, which has not stopped growing –although at a slow pace– since last Tuesday, stood at 132.22 cases yesterday and seems to be picking up speed in its ascent

The 14-day incidence rate rises, according to this Wednesday’s data, in 13 autonomous communities and in the autonomous city of Melilla. The communities that do not reflect an increase compared to yesterday are Castilla-La Mancha, Catalunya, Murcia and the Valencian Community.

Regarding the number of infections, in the last day 6,393 new cases of coronavirus have been reported, which are added to the 7,026 reported yesterday Wednesday and make a total of 3,247,738 cases diagnosed through tests since the beginning of the pandemic, a year ago.

By communities, Madrid is the one that has reported the most new infections, since it totals 1,843; followed by Andalusia, with 1,149; Catalonia, with 1,125 and Euskadi, with 520.

In the death section, the Health report registers 356 new victims, while yesterday’s data amounted to 320. This increase that is reflected in recent days is due to an adjustment of data by Catalonia, which has notified more of 900 deaths in the last week, 62% of the total. In total, 74,420 people have died since the start of the pandemic.

In this context, Health plans to modify the criteria that mark the borderline incidents for the closure of the hotel business. Specifically, Health shuffles set 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to 14 days the limit to close the interior of the bars. The decision already had a first approval from the communities in the March 3 Alert Report, although its ratification did not arrive by Christmas and it is not expected to arrive in time for Easter; This Thursday it will be discussed in the Public Health Commission but it must still be ratified in the Interterritorial Council.


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