The incidence rate among those over 60 continues to rise and exceeds 856 cases

The incidence rate among those over 60 continues to rise and exceeds 856 cases

The Ministry of Health has registered 68,234 new cases with coronavirus since last Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases since March 2020 notified by tests to 12,127,122. Regarding the deceased, the Ministry led by Darias has added 321 more, which places the number of deaths since the start of the pandemic at 105,444. Of these, 288 have occurred in the last seven days

Casualties due to Covid-19 infections among Andalusian toilets double in just two weeks

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In hospitals, as of this Friday there are 7,200 people admitted, which translates into an occupation of 5.8%, somewhat less than last Tuesday. Compared to the previous report, income has been reduced by 91 people. In the ICU there are 366 COVID-19 patients, ten more than on Tuesday

How is the epidemic evolving and how are we regarding the 3rd wave?

Evolution of reported cases and deaths, those hospitalized and those admitted to the ICU each day, the variation in the last 7 days and the comparison with the peak of the 3rd wave of the pandemic. On April 1, 2022, the contagion surveillance system changed.

Source: Ministry of Health

The incidence rises in those over 60 years of age, the risk group in which Health is set. This Friday marks 856.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, compared to 843.24 on Tuesday.

change of strategy

From the change of strategy promoted at the beginning of April, the picture we have of the pandemic is different: by reducing diagnostic tests to the elderly, pregnant or immunosuppressed, reliable data on infections are only provided in the population aged 60 and over.

Not all mild cases are counted anymore, although those that end up in hospital or die are. The Ministry does not report what is happening in the younger groups, so it is impossible to know if the incidence is higher.

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