The incidence of coronavirus in people over 60 years of age rises to 612 points and Health has reported 243 deaths since Tuesday

The Ministry of Health has registered 48,272 new cases of coronavirus since Tuesday, bringing the total number of infections since March 2020 notified by tests to 12,563,399. By communities, Madrid is the one with the most new infected, 12,894, followed by Catalonia, with 9,310, Andalusia, with 3,926, Galicia, with 3,828 and the Valencian Community, with 3,488.

Likewise, the incidence in those over 60 years of age, the risk group on which the Government has focused, stands this Friday at 612.39 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, an increase compared to the last report, when he scored 589.82 points.

Regarding the deceased, the Ministry led by Darias has added 243 more, which places the number of deaths since the start of the pandemic at 107,482. Of these, 193 have occurred in the last seven days.

In hospitals, as of this Friday there are 6,788 people admitted, which translates into an occupation of 5.51%. Compared to the previous report, income is maintained. In ICUs, there are 340 COVID-19 patients.

This Thursday, Health confirmed that for the moment the fourth dose of the vaccine will be limited to the immunosuppressed, who have been receiving it since last January, those over 80 and people who live in residences. She did it after Minister Darias would have advanced in La Sexta that there would be a second reinforcement puncture for everyone. Ministry sources later explained to Efe that the entire population will receive it, but that it will not be immediately. First, the mentioned groups will end, as happened with the previous three, and from there it will go down by age groups.

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