April 15, 2021

The incidence falls in Spain to 219 cases after adding 9,212 new infections and 389 deaths

The Ministry of Health has notified this Wednesday 9,212 new cases of coronavirus, a figure similar to that of the last days after the daily minimum -7,461- was marked the previous day since mid-October. Today’s is the lowest figure since December 18, the time when the data rebounded after the December bridge.

The indicator that continues to decline: the incidence is already at 218.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. This rate is lower than that of Tuesday, when the threshold of 250 cases that experts consider to be of extreme risk was lowered. Despite the improvement, the epidemiological situation in Spain continues to be high risk.

In the case of the deceased, whose daily figure has been falling since February 11, the health authorities have reported 389 more deaths registered since this Tuesday. In total, 68,468 people have died since the pandemic began, 873 of them in the last week, and 3,170,644 have been infected.

Hospital occupancy by COVID patients also decreases, one of the data that must be looked at to know the tension on the health system. According to the Health balance, there are currently 3,241 people with coronavirus in an intensive care unit, which represents 30.55% of the total, one point less than on Tuesday. In the case of beds on the floor, there are 13,495 patients, 10.67% of the total.

By autonomous communities, the ones with the most cases are Catalunya, which totals 2,858; Madrid, with 2,072; Andalusia, which adds 1,348 infections; and the Valencian Community, which reports 531 cases to the total Health balance. Madrid continue to have the worst incidence rates, with 339 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and the Basque Country, with 274, the only two at extreme risk, in addition to the autonomous cities of Ceuta (311.4) and Melilla (457.9 ).


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