The incidence falls 81 points to 1,060 cases and Health registers 444 deaths

The incidence falls 81 points to 1,060 cases and Health registers 444 deaths

The incidence of the coronavirus registers a decrease again, and this time it remains at the gates of the symbolic barrier of one thousand cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with 1,060.46 points. In a month and a few days, the rate has fallen two thousand points, although it continues to be in "very high" contagion risk figures, according to the Health criteria. On the other hand, hospital pressure continues to decline and the ICUs are already out of the 'high' risk of occupation.

37,108 new coronavirus infections have been reported, daily figures that have not been seen since mid-December, when at that time the accumulated number of cases since the start of the pandemic was five and a half million positives, while now it is double, 10,744,394 infected in total.

The occupancy of ICU beds by COVID patients is now out of 'high' risk and back to 'medium', according to the COVID Traffic Light (down from 15.64% to 14.72%). The percentage of general occupancy also falls, which drops to 8.77%.

The latest report from the Ministry indicates 444 new deaths in addition to the 97,350 deaths from COVID-19 registered since the start of the pandemic in the country, although Health has been warning for days that these data from the last week are not comparable to each other due to the delay in the notification of some communities the previous days.

Personalized or massive vaccination?

"Immunologists against the third dose", who "question for the general population" because "it can be harmful". They are fragments of some headlines published in the last month, in which it was criticized that the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy Working Group did not have immunologists among their rows, while defending the need for a "personalized vaccination".

At the same time, Spain has lagged behind other neighboring countries in the administration of booster doses and child immunization is making slow progress. What's going on? you can read here the fight between immunologists and epidemiologists in which everyone is right.

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