The incidence continues in the 49 cases after notifying 5,820 infections since Friday

The incidence in Spain registers a new drop to 49.03 cases per 100,000 inhabitants after the bridge. Since Wednesday of last week, the incidence rate has not exceeded 49 cases, although last Friday the country was on the verge of returning to the medium risk range of transmission of the coronavirus, with 49.86 cases for each 100,000 inhabitants.

By age group, the incidence rate of people under 12 years of age. that have not yet entered the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, is the largest of all the groups, with 65.77 cases. It is followed by the strata from 30 to 39 years old, with 52.45 and those from 40 to 49 years old, with 52.90. However, both groups report a decrease in incidence compared to Friday. The rest of the age groups continue to be below 45 cases, while people between 12 and 19 years old are the ones with the lowest rate, with 28.13.

The Ministry of Health has notified 5,820 coronavirus infections since last Friday, bringing the number of people who have tested positive to 5,016,968.

Catalonia, with 1,206 new infections; Andalusia, with 716; and Madrid, which reports 681 positives, are the communities that report the highest number of cases since Friday. The incidence increases in almost all the autonomous communities, especially in Asturias, which reports an increase to 39 cases; The Balearic Islands, with 85 cases per 100,000 inhabitants; and Navarra, which reports a rise in incidence to 84 cases.

Hospitals register a decrease in the percentage of occupancy of ICUs by COVID patients, which drops to 4.44% occupancy. On the other hand, bed occupancy increased almost one tenth to 1.42%. La Rioja (7.55%), Madrid (7.5%), and Aragón (6.79%) are the three regions with the highest percentage of ICU beds occupied by COVID patients.

In addition, there have been 55 deaths after the bridge. In total, 87,423 people have died in Spain since the health emergency situation due to COVID-19 began.

How is the epidemic evolving now?

Evolution of the cases and deaths reported, those hospitalized and those admitted to the ICU each day and the variation in the last 7 days

Source: Ministry of Health

Flu vaccination starts in Castilla-La Mancha: priority for those over 60 and simultaneously with the third anti-COVID dose

This November 2 The flu vaccination campaign for the autumn-winter season 2021-2022 officially starts in Castilla-La Mancha. This year, the spectrum of priorities is broadened and it is aimed at those aged 60 years or over, along with the rest of the risk groups. In addition, it is the intention of the Ministry of Health to carry out ana active recruitment that, in turn, those over 65 come to get the third dose of "souvenir" against COVID and the flu at the same time. This recruitment system would also include the most vulnerable groups of people: health workers, pregnant women or immunosuppressed people.

At the moment, and according to the instructions of the General Directorate of Public Health to which has had access, for the autumn-winter season, due to the "synergistic" effect observed between the influenza virus and the COVID virus -19, which doubles the risk of death in the event of coinfection, it is necessary to "intensify activities aimed at increasing vaccination coverage against influenza." In this case, it especially includes health and social health personnel, people aged 60 years or over and of any age with risk conditions.


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