The INAEM gives more time to performing companies so that European aid is not lost

The dance companies had warned that the deadlines imposed by the INAEM to resolve the aid linked to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan were not going to be met. This Tuesday, June 28, the scenic institute dependent on the Ministry of Culture had to communicate which applications were approved and which were rejected. Something that the State Federation of Dance Companies and Companies (Feced), which had dialogued with the administration, had already advanced that it would be impossible due to the lack of personnel in the INAEM.

The conflict of the public theater technicians reaches Congress at the most delicate moment of its negotiation

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The INAEM has extended until October 24 the deadline for resolution of the aid, the execution deadline until December 30 and the justification deadline until February 28, 2023 for the distribution of a total of 17,930,000 euros between projects for the modernization of the structures of theater and dance companies, based on the EU Next Generation Funds.

Culture explained that the expansion is due to "the need to give more time to the INAEM management teams to analyze the 1,800 projects submitted to the call and to give applicants certainty when executing the projects presented." Valeria Cosi, president of Feced, affirms that they are “very happy because the funds will not be lost”. “With these deadlines, we understand that the INAEM will have more time to be able to resolve, we hope that they will not run out until the last moment, and the companies will have more time to execute,” she explains. "This will make the work of many easier," she adds.

The dance companies had warned that due to their size and discontinuity they lacked liquidity to be able to advance the investment in the projects for which they have requested aid, before knowing if it would be granted or not. With the extension of the term, the companies will be able to undertake and execute the aid in time.

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