The Imserso withdraws the economic proposal for Dependency of the Rajoy era and attributes it to "an error" | Society

The Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Services He has withdrawn the document he sent to the communities six days ago in which he proposed to pay for each dependente the same amount that had left in writing the Executive of Rajoy before leaving the Government abruptly, as published on Monday EL PAÍS. Health attributes to "an error" the sending to the communities of these figures with which they should be preparing the agenda for the meeting they will hold this Wednesday in Madrid. "This does not reflect the intentions of the Government or the agreement reached with Podemos to increase the budget for Dependency," department sources say.

On Wednesday, when the representatives of the autonomies attend in Madrid the delegated committee they are called to (prior to holding the territorial council), they will receive "pertinent explanations" about what happened.

Last Tuesday, the autonomous communities received the documents to prepare that meeting. Among them was attached a traced annex that left the Government of Rajoy in the Imserso (which is the body that manages the Unit), whose president is Carmen Orte. This annex includes an increase in the money sent to the communities by each dependent, so that for the most serious the central government would allocate 200.11 euros, two cents less than the figure planned by the PP. For each severe dependent 90.15 and for the mild 49.18. These last two figures, identical.

From the Association of Directors and Managers of Social Services, its president, José Manuel Ramírez, is surprised "that these papers have reached the communities and remained for six days without anyone perceiving the error until today, when it has been published. "Ramírez is pleased that this document is withdrawn, because he believes that" what the Government must do is to fulfill the State pact by signing with all the parliamentary groups to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Law on Dependence , when he promised to recover the money lost with the cuts. For this, the minimum level must increase by 465 million euros. And that this also serves to meet the waiting list of dependency of 270,000 people, especially the 110,000 large and severe dependents, "he added.

Before those cuts, the State allocated 266.5 euros for each serious dependent. The government of Pedro Sánchez reached recently a budgetary agreement with Podemos under which 515 million euros would be injected for the Dependency system, 40% more than what there was. In this way, they wanted to fill out the waiting list of dependents who are already entitled to help but have not yet received it. The Association of Directors and Managers of Social Services, experts in this area, calculates that to serve the most serious users of the system 715 million euros would be needed. That would leave the waiting list to zero in 2019, they say.


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