The Imserso confirms the award of the trips in 2022 to Mundiplan and Ávoris

The Imserso trips take another step towards being operational in the next year. The director of the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Imserso), Luis Alberto Barriga Martín, signed the final award of the Social Tourism Program on Tuesday.

Imserso trips will have to wait until November, according to the agencies

Imserso trips will have to wait until November, according to the agencies

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This is an administrative step, since, basically, it involves the confirmation of the award carried out a month ago, when the agency in charge of travel for the elderly awarded two of the three lots of the program to Mundiplan (the integrated business union for Iberia, IAG7 and Alsa) and another to Ávoris (Barceló and Halcón Viajes).

In this way, Mundiplan is awarded the trips of the lots in the areas of the peninsular and insular coast; while Ávoris corresponds to inland tourism.

The first of these contracts, the peninsular coast lot, has been awarded for a maximum amount of 26.4 million euros, as shown in the State Contracting Platform; while the other batch of Mundiplan, that of insular coasts, is 19.8 million. In the case of the interior tourism lot of European origin, awarded to Ávoris, it reaches a global amount of 7.78 million euros, according to the aforementioned documentation.

When will they arrive at the travel agencies?

From now on a period of 15 working days is opened for companies to file an appeal, according to sources from the Imserso, which are required to meet the administrative deadlines set by law after the award.

If there are no resources, it will be from then on, when Imserso begins to send letters to all potential users of this service, more than three million people, with the indications and information related to the marketing of the trips (reservation and travel payment in agencies).

In this way, predictably, trips can be channeled through travel agencies from the middle of next December.

According to the agency, which depends on the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, the award of this Tuesday has been confirmed after having been examined and verified the documentation required of companies since last October 7, 2021, when the award took place. provisional.

In this way, the aforementioned sources indicate, it is proven that the companies meet all the requirements demanded by the specific administrative clauses and do not incur the initial presumption of containing abnormal or disproportionate values.


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