The impressive shape of a perfect iceberg – The Province

The impressive shape of a perfect iceberg - The Province

In the last hours the image of an iceberg so perfect that it seems to have been built manually has spread through the networks. However, it is really about an iceberg commonly known as a tabular or ice island. It has been the official account of NASA that has published on Twitter the viralized photograph.

As you can see, the iceberg in question has a form that impresses with its perfection. In this case, the image came from the Larsen C ice shelf, located in the Antarctic Peninsula.

One of the scientists of NASA, Kelly Brunt, has given more details about these pieces of ice floating in the ocean. As he explained to Live Science magazine, this type of iceberg is created through a procedure similar to that of nail growth: "They grow a lot and, in the end, they break. They are usually rectangular and offer geometric shapes"What makes this unusual is that it looks almost like a square," he added.


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