The importance of "being a family" at Rocasa draws the key to success

Robert Cuesta, giving instructions to his players in training. / COVER

About to fight for the third EHF in its history, the team from Teldense advocates unity and sacrifice to become champion in Malaga

Kevin Fontecha

KEVIN FONTECHA The Gran Canarian palms

A great team is born through camaraderie. Of the good work. Of the perfect combination between defense and attack. None is better than all of them together, as they would say at UD Las Palmas.
At the Rocasa Gran Canariaafter touching the sky years ago and continuing to grow by leaps and bounds in the elite of women's handball worldwide,
they want to continue enlarging their track record. That he is not small.

To do this, from the heart of CB Remudas, they advocate the importance of "being a family" before anything else to draw like this
the key to success. This is how he won the two previous EHF European Cups. And this is how they will try to bill the third to Gran Canaria.
"The key is going to be in the balance between defense and attack"club sources insist.

Opposite they will have a more than well-known rival this season in the form of Costa del Sol Málaga, which has just won the Copa de la Reina, although in
the first leg, Rocasa won 21-17.
It will not be an easy lap, but Robert Cuesta's pupils are ready for a battle for domination of the continent.

It should be noted that so far this season,
Rocasa and Costa del Sol have seen each other up to five times, although a clash was friendly in preseason. The others, two matches of the Iberdrola Guerreras League, the quarterfinals of the Copa de la Reina and the first leg of the EHF itself. The balance is positive for the Teldenses by 4-1, since they only lost the cup bearer.

Thus, the Martín Carpena will host
This Saturday, starting at 7:00 a clash that can be seen on the Canarian Television screen, an appointment with the recent history of CB Remudas.

Ambition on all four sides. This was made clear by Arinegua Pérez. The player of
Rocky Gran Canaria He took stock of the clash that Robert Cost's players will play in Malaga. Arinegua lives the previous one with positivity and with a great desire to succeed and become European champion with her team.

“We had done a good week of work and we knew that the match against Málaga was going to be difficult, but we had to go all out, to obtain the highest goal income possible. I think the team was good, and personally I also saw myself in my lane.
We are going to continue working to get the match», commented Perez.

«The team will continue working as it has done these weeks.
We have done some great weeks of work, both weights and tactically on the track. We are going to continue like this, “added the Rocasa player.

"For me
the most important thing is the attitude. The other day I think we came out with a lot of attitude, wanting to win, and I think that's the most important thing."

However, he warned of the pressure cooker that awaits them at the Martín Carpena.
«We know that in Malaga the pavilion is going to be full. It will be a very nice game, and I think that above all it will be nice when it comes to playing. We are going to do our job and win”, concluded Arinegua.

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