May 12, 2021

«The impact of Bankia's judgment on the business is null»

«The impact of Bankia's judgment on the business is null»


«Well it is not. It is obvious that we would prefer not to have it. But the truth is that it has a zero impact on the business, because both society and customers know how to differentiate very well between the past and the present ». With these words the president of Bankia has referred this morning, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, to the jucio that these days is developed against the old cupola of the entity and that supposes the greater judicial process of the history of the Spanish financial system.

In its participation in a colloquium on reputation and intangibles, organized by the Corporate Excellence Center and in which the general director of the Banking Foundation «La Caixa» has also participated, Jaume Giró, Goirigolzarri explained as «unlike what happened six years ago, when we arrived at Bankia, which was a time when any information in the press relating to the entity had an immediate impact on the deposits of the entity, this correlation does not exist »

In addition, Goirigolzarri has remarked that when the current steering committee came to the entity had to invest "a lot of time in defining our principles and values, but it was something fundamental to be impregnated in the organization." "The principles and values ​​must be part of us because it is our duty, not because they are profitable, although I am sure they are," he said.

Asked by Giró about the complex reputation of the financial sector, Goirigolzarri acknowledged that "there is a lot of noise and that makes it harder to be heard", although he assured that "we have not been able to convey two basic ideas: that the only thing that We have done is to comply with the law and we have not been a single euro ", has postulated putting as an example the recent controversy by the mortgage tax. "We can blame the noise, but if we have not managed to transmit those ideas at all, we will have done something wrong," he assured.

"The banking sector has a very important reputation challenge. We have to make a great effort to listen to society and understand what it claims to be able to demonstrate, talking to society, that banking is a fundamental instrument for a country, "he concluded.


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