The immunity of those vaccinated is lower to omicron, according to initial data

Preliminary data, among a crowd that is being collected around the world, indicates that there is a reduction in immunity to the omicron variant among those who have the full initial vaccination schedule (two or one dose, depending on the vaccine received) or who have passed the covid-19 infection, said this Saturday the who.

This may indicate - without being a categorical assertion - that this variant can "evade" the immune system of a person.

"So far there is limited evidence available and that is not peer reviewed on the efficacy or effectiveness of the omicron vaccine," the organization indicated in an update of the information gathered on this issue, which is at the center of concerns in the whole world.

Instead, the WHO noted that the evidence is stronger regarding the advantage of omicron in spreading compared to delta variant, since in countries where local transmission of the former has been detected, it is being observed that cases double in 1.5 to 3 days.

Ómicron is spreading rapidly in countries with high levels of immunized populations and it is still unclear whether this is due to it evades immunity, because it spreads more easily or a combination of both factors, based on these data.

"In view of current data, it is likely that omicron will exceed delta in community transmission scenarios," WHO said.

Ómicron has been detected so far in 89 countries and the threat it will pose will be revealed when scientists can confidently answer a number of key questions, such as how transmissible it is and how current vaccines work or a previous infection of covid protects against infection, transmission, serious illness or death.


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