Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

The immigrants rescued in the Strait are 55

The immigrants rescued in the Strait are 55

The number of immigrants rescued today in the Strait of Gibraltar is now 55, after Maritime Rescue personnel rescued the ten occupants of two new boats.

According to Efe sources of Maritime Rescue, the last two interventions have occurred when the ship María Zambrano has located an inflatable toy boat in oars with eight Maghrebi males on board, and then another boat of the same characteristics with two other men .

These actions are in addition to those that took place in the early hours of the morning, when the same ship has rescued about 7.00 am, and a mile and a half from Punta Camarinal, to the 36 occupants of a boat, including nine women and five boys.

The five minors and four women – their mothers – have been transferred by the vessel Salvamar Arcturus to the port of Tarifa (Cádiz), while the rest of the rescued have been transferred to María Zambrano, who remains in the area before being able to locate more boats

For its part, the vessel Salvamar Denébola has shortly after located another boat with nine males of Maghrebi origin who have been transferred to the port of Algeciras.


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