The immigrants rescued in the Mediterranean continue without being able to disembark

The immigrants rescued in the Mediterranean continue without being able to disembark

The fifty or so immigrants rescued more than two weeks ago by two German NGO ships continue in the Mediterranean without being able to disembark, amid the crossing of accusations between the Government of Italy and the European Union (EU).

"The number of landings has decreased, humanitarian permits have been lowered, it is power to want, I do not surrender even one millimeter," Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wrote today on Twitter with the hashtag #stopinvasione.

The leader of the extreme right-wing League reaffirmed his position of not allowing the entry of these rescue ships to Italian ports, while calling the attitude of the EU institutions "shameful".

"We will not give in to blackmail: two NGO vessels are in Malta's territorial waters: people on board must disembark in Valletta," said Salvini.

"Evidently, the lesson of humanity is only aimed at Italy," he added.

The other vice-president of the Italian Government, the leader of the anti-system M5E, Luigi Di Maio, who yesterday had offered to welcome the rescued women and children, in total ten people, did not move from their positions either.

"I want to remind the friends of the NGOs that they do not have the lives of the immigrants, they have taken them to the coasts of Malta, Italy is saying that they are willing to welcome the women and children who have been at sea for two weeks. No NGO can oppose the rescue of these lives, "said Di Maio.

Although both Italian leaders have publicly stated on social media their division in this matter, both agree to blame Malta and the EU in general for endorsing the problem to Rome.

"We are ready once again to always give a lesson in humanity to all of Europe," said Di Maio on Facebook.

The ships are the "Sea Watch 3" of the homonymous NGO, which saved 32 immigrants on December 22, and "Professor Albrecht Penck" of Sea-Eye, who saved 17 others on December 29, and both remain from then waiting for a safe harbor.

Di Maio criticized that "Europe is disengaged" and advanced that Italy "can not continue giving in to this extortion".

"This Europe does not work well, we will change it with the next European elections, but children can not pay the price of a Europe that looks elsewhere not to see," he said.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Naples, Luigi di Magistris, who has offered this port for immigrants to disembark in clear challenge to Salvini, reaffirmed today in his commitment.

"We are living one of the most unworthy pages that a Government of the Italian Republic has written in the history of this country," he said.


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