March 7, 2021

The images of Carlos Aranda and Raúl Bravo, leaders of the "Oikos case", before the judge

LA RAZÓN has exclusively achieved the first video images of the statement before the judge of Raúl Bravo and Carlos Aranda, the two main defendants in the "Oikos Case", the plot of matches of football matches dismantled a few weeks ago.

Both players, friends since they met in the lower categories of Real Madrid, accepted their right not to declare. Bravo and Aranda left last May 31 at the Zuera prison (Zaragoza), after their lawyers paid the 100,000 euros bond imposed for each of them by the head of the Court of Instruction number 5 of Huesca.

Both players are being investigated as possible responsible for the crimes of belonging to a criminal group, corruption in sports and fraud, and the judge imposes the obligation to report any possible change of address.

In any case, it is the Asian mafia of the online game that played a fundamental role. The plot dismantled in Spain by the Unit of Specialized and Violent Crime (UDEV) of the General Commissioner of Judicial Police, was the tip of the iceberg, one of the terminals, of a much more complex network, destined to win large amounts of money with the match fixing of soccer and that has its operational center in oriental countries.

As often happens in other allegedly criminal activities, the failure, even partial, of an "operation" activates the minds of those behind the issue. Raúl Bravo and Carlos Aranda, who can be considered, according to sources of the investigation, as the "muñidores" of the trap, had managed to convince some managers and active players in order to rig the result of a Second World Cup match. Division of the season 2017/18. It was the disputed between the Huesca and the Nástic of Tarragona. The first team had already achieved the promotion to First and the second needed to win to save themselves from the descent. It was agreed that the result would be 0-0 at halftime and 0-1 at the end, as it happened.

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