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The image of science and God, under the eyes of students - The Province

The image of science and God, under the eyes of students - The Province

"Believe in science, experience the faith." Under this motto, the XIII Theological Seminars are organized, organized by the Higher Institute of Theology of the Canary Islands (Istic), which are held from today to March 29 at the campus of Tafira. In February, the deadline for a photo contest aimed at educational centers was opened and it was organized for the first time with the aim of opening a forum for reflection and showing the vision that young people have about the faith-science dialogue.

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With a great participation of different centers of the island, the winners, in the different categories, were Claudia Ramírez and Paula León in the first category for students of 1st and 2nd of ESO. They are students of the Salesian School Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the second category, Sara Herrera, of 15 years, of 4º of the ESO, of the Enrique de Ossó school, in Telde won; and in the third Mirian Corujo, Kevin Gil and Aythami Rodríguez, students of the Sopeña Center in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The awards will be delivered today after the opening conference of the conference by Francisco José Soler Gil, professor at the University of Seville, with his presentation From historical materialism to scientific materialism. The photo of the students of 2nd ESO of the Salesian school was held in Valsequillo. The title is: Many doors of science are opened by God, and through them we can reach Him.

Kevin Gil, Aythami Rodríguez and Mirian Corujo, hairdressing students from the Sopeña center, with their work Symbiosis they won in the category of baccalaureates-cycles. They comment that "often, when speaking with our close circle about the origin of the Universe, we find ourselves with two positions: that of a creator God and that of natural laws, we have created a scenario in which both positions are compatible, one" symbiosis "between faith and science".

Sara Herrera del Pino won in the second category. The title of the photo expresses what he wanted to show: There is always a light that accompanies us, that light is God and we are pure science .


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