The ILO says that what Spain needs is to give priority to social recovery

The ILO says that what Spain needs is to give priority to social recovery

Spain now needs to prioritize social recovery, said Thursday the director of the office of the Tripartite Conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for Spain, Joaquín Nieto.

Before participating in an ILO Tripartite Conference on the future of work, Nieto said that there is now economic recovery despite the uncertainties, and insisted that the key is social recovery.

Therefore, he said that, even to face the uncertainties of the world economy, Spain needs to have a strengthened domestic market and that, he said, is done by recovering the levels of employment, income and social protection that existed before the crisis.

The representative of the ILO in Spain said that the world is changing and both the technological changes and the energy transition and the demographic and migratory evolution affect work, and, he stressed, it is about doing it for the better.

In this situation, the International Labor Organization tries to understand the dimension of the changes and make proposals to "win" the work both in quantity and quality, so that no one runs out of income and without health and education, said Nieto.

The representative of the International Labor Organization stressed that it is necessary for wealth to be redistributed because, "if a few are appropriated, if inequality increases, coexistence is at risk," and the opposite is the case, he added.

To avoid these problems of coexistence, measures must be adopted to improve the quality of employment, so that contracts are temporary when the activity is also so, and that there are no frauds to the law and also improve income, according to Nieto.

He recalled that although nowadays more wealth is created than before the crisis, there is more unemployment and also those who have a job come in less money, so he reiterated that it is necessary to redistribute wealth, and, he pointed out, in this area, the public authorities have to take measures so that employment conditions are acceptable.

The opportunity is "now", assured Joaquín Nieto, who insisted that Europe has several years of economic recovery "but not social", and called for international action because "either the social protection of Europe is extended or there will be difficulties to maintain it" in the European continent.

He also recalled that at the Davos forum two years ago a study was commissioned on the greatest risks in the world and the answer was inequality, so that if it increased, there would be a crisis "for everyone", while if wealth was redistributed the economy would be strengthened.

Joaquín Nieto said that reducing inequality interests everyone and, he concluded, "a more promising future can be built on that starting point".


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