March 3, 2021

The II Festival of Otoo de Canarias show "the universe of the arts" – La Provincia

He Fall Festival of Canary Islands, directed by the manager of cultural contents Candelaria Rodríguez and has as honorary president Jerónimo Saavedra, this year he will offer in his second edition a sample of the "universe of the arts".

This has been announced by Rodríguez, who has claimed the opportunity to combine all or almost all the artistic specialties in this event, since "they live at the same time".

For this reason, and because, as Jerónimo Saavedra has pointed out, the festivals evolve, as do the artistic teachings, as demonstrated by the universities of the arts that already operate in Austria and Germany and that transcend the classical concept of conservatories, The program of this festival for 2019 brings together shows in which dance, cinema and music are interrelated.

Saavedra has advocated that the cultural festivals that are promoted in 21st century Spain "stop inventing and copy what is already invented" and bet, in turn, for modernity, instead of anchoring on traditional concepts.

Whatever it was, until his dismissal, in April 2014, director of the International Music Festival of the Canary Islands, has informed that this new proposal, which he has decided to promote by considering that "the whole culture is small and that the culture is a tsunami that devastates everything ", has detailed that the poster of this year will include the screening in the Multicines Monopol of the film Dancers, which has six Goya nominations and has already received other international awards.

In his opinion, film music is another aspect of the development of classical music, hence it has a place in a festival like this, which with the projection, in three sessions, of this film, also wants to pay tribute to dance It is made in different countries of the world.

The director of this feature film, Juan Vicente Chuliá, He will offer in the framework of this contest a master class on film direction, which will take place in Mata Castle, while the composer and pianist Enrique Fernández-Villamil, He will star in another on music composition for the cinema, which will take place at the Rodríguez-Quegles Palace.

For its part, this Saturday and at the Casa de Colón, Fernando Lazáro, music composer of Dancers, will offer "the history of cinema told from the piano" in a program that will incorporate the melodies of films as well known as Cinema Paradiso, Memories of Africa, Candilejas or Samson and Delilah.

Another of the proposals of this year's poster will be the concert that Theros Quarter will offer at the Our Lady of the Pine health center, an event with which this contest, whose artistic director is the Indian master Zubin Mehta, intends to bring art to those who do not You can access it.

The festival created by Rodríguez with the intention of giving continuity to the work carried out during 37 years by the International Festival of Music of the Canary Islands that Saavedra promoted when he was president of the autonomous community also includes this year a collaboration with the multicultural artistic center Fábrica La Islet.

Its facilities will host a concert by a group of young jazz players who promote their talent for Spain, among which is Gabriela Suárez, who has just recorded an album in New York, according to the director of this artistic center, José Alberto Medina.

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